New review for Through the Gloaming.

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gloaming cover

Had a really long, dreary day at work, but soon bucked up when I saw this review on Goodreads, for book II in The Silver Flute Trilogy.

The second book in Katrina Jack’s ‘Silver Flute Trilogy’ finds Jeremiah Tully thrust back in a world he doesn’t want to return to, one where he has no voice and the truth of his past is catching up with him.

When he enters the Gloaming, a space between his world and his mother’s, the secrets start unraveling fast. Among them, what happened to his father and the truth behind his muteness.

The author did a fantastic job creating multi-layered worlds and characters that bend and stretch as they travel through them. Character-types that we’ve encountered in other types of fantasy have been given makeovers, reimagined and renamed, with faint echoes of their predecessors.

Jeremiah’s muteness is handled so well, it blends in with the rest of the story, making you forget anything is wrong with him until he encounters a new character. The mention of finger motions are a quick reminder without fixating on his disability.

There is a book prior to this one, which I read quite some time ago and did not have all the details fresh in my mind. It didn’t matter as this works as a standalone and can be enjoyed without having read the previous one.

So thanks to Emily McKeon for this sterling review of my book, and the four stars she awarded it.😀

gloaming cover

Land of Midnight Days – YA Urban fantasy

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Available now!

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Without hard work, talent is not enough – Henri Matisse


The Shopkeeper and his daughters

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The Shopkeeper and his daughters

o.htmlnce upon a time there was a shopkeeper who owned a small greengrocers. He and his three daughters lived above the shop. Their lives were very dull and ordinary, apart from their weekly visit to the library. The eldest daughter loved romance, the middle sister adored adventure and the youngest craved fairy tales. Dad read ponderous tomes on history and politics.

Whenever they entered the library, they each headed for their own particular sections, looking neither to the left or the right. So it was they remained unaware of the dark narrow passage, containing shelves full of books that were never read – not even by the librarians.

Entrance to this forbidding place was through an arch, above which crouched a gargoyle. It features were screwed up in puzzlement, as if it didn’t understand life at all. Apart from being permanently baffled, it was also…

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Smoking hot? I think not.

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For regular viewers of my blog, you’ll have noticed I haven’t posted for awhile. The reason for this is because I’ve been in hospital for 3 weeks, having been admitted as a priority. Why? Because years of smoking have finally caught up with me and I have vascular disease, which means the arteries in my left leg have filled up with toxic crap.


The result? What started out as a blister on my left big toe, turned into an ulcer, which then became infected and the final outcome was the loss of my entire big toe. In order to reach that stage, I had to undergo an angioplasty operation to clear my artery, which was, despite a local anaesthetic, painful in the extreme. This was so the blood flow to the resulting wound, formerly occupied by my digit, would be sufficient for it to heal. I face 6 to 8 weeks confined to my bedroom, while this process begins.

tree of life

This was all self-inflicted. I know what smoking can do, but I chose to ignore it. I buried my head in the sand, like most smokers do. I embraced the idiotic mantra “that it couldn’t happen to me,” etc, etc. And yes, I realise that this little homily to the virtues of not smoking is too little, too late for me. I could still lose the rest of my foot, or even half my leg. Yes, I’ve stopped smoking, but it would’ve been better never to have started in the first place.


So please, even though you may have heard it all before, if you smoke, stop. It’s not easy, but better a few unpleasant withdrawal symptoms than what I’ve gone through, or worse, and the certainty of an early, highly unpleasant death.


Do you love your job?

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I do!😀 No, I don’t mean the job I do for a living, I mean writing. And it is a job, a highly pleasurable job. I consider it to be my real career, one in which I take genuine pride. Yes, some of my earlier works could stand a little improvement, but this just goads me on to get better, to craft and create and to obtain as near perfection as I can.


Writing is one of the few things I treasure in my life, apart from friends and family, of course. I’ve never had a “day” job that I’ve enjoyed, most people don’t, unfortunately. But from the moment I wake up, and throughout the working day, writing is mostly what I think about; anything else is just a distraction. Obsessed? Probably, But I wouldn’t have it any other way😀


The Silver Flute Trilogy

silver flute trilogy

So Many Freebies

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Creative State of Mind

For a very limited time, most of my books are free. Yes, that’s right. Free! Here are the details:

On Kindle, you can download the following books for free now through July 5th:

On Smashwords, for the entire month of July, I’m having a very special sale on the Spellbringers series:

  • Spellbound: No coupon code required for a FREE download!
  • Firebound: Use the code SFREE at checkout for your FREE download!
  • The Warrior: Use the code SFREE at checkout for your FREE download!
  • Unbound is available for only $1.50 during the month of July: Use the code SSW50 at checkout

Book Covers Tricia Drammeh

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Sometimes it’s a grind…

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tired eyes

… to get out of bed in the morning, let alone kick my brain into gear and start writing. Sheer weariness and lack of energy, along with ongoing health issues, have really worn me down lately. And yet, when I do force myself back to the keyboard, I feel great! 


Unfortunately it doesn’t last for long and I end up in crumpled heap on the bed, snoring my brains out. When I do finally surface, my mood is not improved. I’m like a bear with a sore a*se! Why? Because I’m not writing😀


As I’ve said before, writing is my raison detre, my reason for being. I can honestly say there isn’t a day goes by without me thinking of writing. If I produced as many words, as I spend thinking about them, I’d be a champion of the written word🙂


Well, as I’ve also said before, it’s onward and upwards, even if I have to chain myself to the damn computer. Now where’s my Red Bull?red-bull-can-wallpaper-3


Paypal email #scam

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Meeka's Mind

I received this ‘phishing’ scam in my inbox this morning. It’s supposed to be from Paypal, and the ‘hook’ is that my account has been limited or suspended. When I looked at the email more closely, however, I noticed that:

  • the sender was NOT from Paypal
  • the email did NOT address me by name
  • and the whole email was funneling me towards the big, blue link you can see below

paypal scam email 2016

Seems pretty obvious, right?

Actually, despite having seens hundreds of these scam emails in my time, I still felt a moment of fright when I read this one. Why? Because I use Paypal for most of my online purchases, so the threat of having that service removed hit me where I live.

Unfortunately, that moment of fright is exactly what makes phishing email scams work. The scammers send out millions of these emails at random in the hope that a…

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Writing evolution

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I was scrolling through Facebook the other day, when I  came across a post by an author friend. She was saying she’d recently re-read one of her early published books and absolutely hated it! She was bemoaning the fact that there were a few clumsily phrased passages, along with various other minor errors – sheer poison to any writer who values their work. Now I have to say I’ve read the book in question and loved it. My friend was being a little hard on herself, as most first novels can be a tad on the naive side, perhaps due to lack of experience.

writingAnother friend pointed out that all writers, if they’re serious about their craft, evolve and grow as they travel along the rocky road that is writing. Even big name authors start out in this way, growing and changing as they gradually don the mantle of great novelists. I recently re-read some of my own work – and yes, there’s room for improvement – but I have absolute faith in the stories themselves, believing them to be exciting, engaging, and above all, eminently readable.

silver flute trilogy

The Silver Flute Trilogy

 The important thing is that I will learn from my “mistakes” and use them as a springboard to move on to better writing, evolving my work into what I know it can be. A writer must have faith in themselves and their work, or how can they expect anyone else to?


So to all you self-doubters out there, take a deep breath, flex your fingers and write!


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