New review for Through the Gloaming.

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gloaming cover

Had a really long, dreary day at work, but soon bucked up when I saw this review on Goodreads, for book II in The Silver Flute Trilogy.

The second book in Katrina Jack’s ‘Silver Flute Trilogy’ finds Jeremiah Tully thrust back in a world he doesn’t want to return to, one where he has no voice and the truth of his past is catching up with him.

When he enters the Gloaming, a space between his world and his mother’s, the secrets start unraveling fast. Among them, what happened to his father and the truth behind his muteness.

The author did a fantastic job creating multi-layered worlds and characters that bend and stretch as they travel through them. Character-types that we’ve encountered in other types of fantasy have been given makeovers, reimagined and renamed, with faint echoes of their predecessors.

Jeremiah’s muteness is handled so well, it blends in with the rest of the story, making you forget anything is wrong with him until he encounters a new character. The mention of finger motions are a quick reminder without fixating on his disability.

There is a book prior to this one, which I read quite some time ago and did not have all the details fresh in my mind. It didn’t matter as this works as a standalone and can be enjoyed without having read the previous one.

So thanks to Emily McKeon for this sterling review of my book, and the four stars she awarded it.😀

gloaming cover

Land of Midnight Days – YA Urban fantasy

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Available now!

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Without hard work, talent is not enough – Henri Matisse


To resolve to do better…

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…or just go ahead and do it?

Well, the snow is falling again on my blog, which means that time of year is rapidly approaching, and no, I don’t mean Christmas. 


It’s New Year, of which I speak. The time when we all decide to make a list of goals to be achieved, from losing weight, to winning the lottery and becoming millionaires. Of course, some people do stick to their guns and tick off their list of resolutions, until they’ve obtained each and every objective they’ve set themselves.


On the other hand, many of us don’t and fall by the wayside yet again. I’ve already achieved one of my long held goals, to stop smoking, but only because my hand was forced, so to speak. And yet, when left with no real alternative, I just did it. For once there was no procrastination, no deferring it until “tomorrow”, which never comes, by the way; I just stopped. And you know what? It was refreshing to make a firm decision for once in my life.😀 So, if I, the queen of faffing about, can do it, you can too. Get out there and do the things you’ve always promised yourself to do – go for it!


Here’s to a positive and happy New Year. Cheers :D

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The Realities of Writing…

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Writer Sophie E Tallis gives food for thought for struggling writers.

Sophie E Tallis

soa_member_rgb1As a member of The Society ofAuthors (SoA), the longest running society helping authors (actually celebrating its centenary this year) and certainly the nearest we have to an ‘Author Union’, I received my quarterly SoA magazine ‘The Author’ a few weeks ago.

‘The Author’is always a fascinating read, a thermometer of what’s going on in the literary world, in publishing, what’s trending and in writer’s lives themselves. It’s full of really interesting articles, all written by writers for writers on issues as diverse as copyright, publishing & publishers, literary festivals, contracts, public lending rights (PLR), author events, public liability insurance, awards and grants, writing tips, sales, bookshops, Amazon, research, booktrade news in addition to its own ‘Quarterly News’. Lol, to be honest, the first thing I always do is look to see the names of new members and if I recognise anyone.😀

Anyway, in amongst the magazine was a ballot paper for this year’s…

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5 Stars in my eyes

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midnight 2

The stars just keep on coming!

5 star review by Arvi Sett Knight Amzn  US



Lament of the Silver Eyed folk

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This is the lament of the silver eyed folk,

a tale of the times when our frail hearts broke.

To travel the lands we could do no more,

it left us longing for the unreachable shore… 

…of land long gone into mystery,

taking away our history.


Trapped amongst the fume and smoke,

despised and ensnared under the yolk.


The music of freedom we are denied,

we are without aim, we are without pride.


Let all who hear this heartfelt song,

pray for our freedom to return where we belong.


The Silver Flute Trilogy

Twinkle, twinkle little stars…

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midnight 2

Yet another five star review for Land of Midnight Days By K. S. Faccioon October 27, 2016 on

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What part does a book cover play…

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silver flute trilogy

…in selling books? 

The saying: “don’t judge a book by its cover,” doesn’t always fit the bill. It’s also true that a great cover doesn’t necessarily mean great content. However, a dull or poorly executed cover can sometime put people off, even if the content is fantastic. 

midnightBefore my first book, Land of Midnight Days,  was published by Ecanus Publishing, I intended to go the self-publishing route and so commissioned the the above cover. I paid quite a lot of money for it. As you can see, it’s nowhere near as polished and finished as the present cover.


As in most things in life, good presentation is the key. An outstanding cover goes a long way to grabbing a reader’s attention. So what happens after you get the attention, how do you make the reader actually open the book? Well, that’s down to the blurb, or brief synopsis, outlining what…

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What’s your choice of genre/s?

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silver flute trilogy

Authors, how did you discover your writing genre? As some of you may know, I write YA urban fantasy. It took me a long time to discover that I wanted to write in this genre. Why? Well, when I first started writing, many years ago now, it didn’t exist. The choices, in those days, were quite limited. You either wrote grown up fiction, or you wrote children’s fiction. Of course, these were subdivided into fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, romance, and so on. But there was nothing for people in-between. 


Initially, I wanted to be taken “seriously” as a writer, which to me meant writing adult fiction. I tried all kinds of genres, from romance, to mysteries, but finally settled on fantasy. I wrote about dungeons, dragons, lost princes and princess, etc; but the feedback I got, each and every time, was that they were too childlike to qualify for adults. 


Then I wrote the first book of The Silver Flute Trilogy, Land of Midnight Days. Week by week, I took it to my writers group to read out the chapters and garner feedback. One of the other writers, who worked in a school library in a secondary school, made a remark that it was ideal for young adults, aged between fourteen and mid-twenties; that was when my writing life changed! At first I thought it was a compromise, which I suppose it was, but then I settled into it and although I read myriad genres myself, as a writer I’d finally found my niche.

So, what kind of writing journey have you had and where did it lead you?



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