New review for Through the Gloaming.

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gloaming cover

Had a really long, dreary day at work, but soon bucked up when I saw this review on Goodreads, for book II in The Silver Flute Trilogy.

The second book in Katrina Jack’s ‘Silver Flute Trilogy’ finds Jeremiah Tully thrust back in a world he doesn’t want to return to, one where he has no voice and the truth of his past is catching up with him.

When he enters the Gloaming, a space between his world and his mother’s, the secrets start unraveling fast. Among them, what happened to his father and the truth behind his muteness.

The author did a fantastic job creating multi-layered worlds and characters that bend and stretch as they travel through them. Character-types that we’ve encountered in other types of fantasy have been given makeovers, reimagined and renamed, with faint echoes of their predecessors.

Jeremiah’s muteness is handled so well, it blends in with the rest of the story, making you forget anything is wrong with him until he encounters a new character. The mention of finger motions are a quick reminder without fixating on his disability.

There is a book prior to this one, which I read quite some time ago and did not have all the details fresh in my mind. It didn’t matter as this works as a standalone and can be enjoyed without having read the previous one.

So thanks to Emily McKeon for this sterling review of my book, and the four stars she awarded it.😀

gloaming cover

Land of Midnight Days – YA Urban fantasy

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Available now!

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Without hard work, talent is not enough – Henri Matisse


Buy Twitter followers?

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I think not. As regular tweeters will know, there is a plague that pervades Twitter – people trying to flog you Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram followers. I usually just shake my head, block the would-be-salesperson, and move on. But today I actually had a laugh at the expense of one of these pests. 


Their spiel went something like this: Are you jealous of my followers, I can get 1,000 followers… and so on and so on. I have an app that allows me to monitor who follows me, which makes it easier for me to decide who to follow, who not to follow, and who to block. However, because it’s free, I’m only allowed so many blocks at a time. I’d had a flurry of these pests trying to sell me Twitter followers, so had run out of my allowance. I therefore opened the aforementioned crap merchant’s twitter page…

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Softly doth the leaf fall.

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Softly doth the leaf fall,

a sign that autumn’s about to call.

A scent hangs in the air,

a cool breeze caresses my hair.

Red and gold will soon prevail,

a beauty that is eternal and will never fail.

The goddess of summer is on her way out,

the spirit of autumn tip toes about.

Ready to hold sway over hearts and minds.

The glory of autumn’s not hard to find.


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Let’s face facts – these days many people simply can’t be bothered to read a book, especially here in the UK, particularly if its an e-book!

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Great advice for writers everywhere

Have We Had Help?


There is an old saying – “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” The same applies when it comes to asking people to read your books, especially here in the UK where e-books still take a back seat to their paperback and hard cover cousins.

The one thing you can never do is force someone to read your book. All you can hope for is to make them aware of its existence by using all of the social media sites as well as word of mouth and emails to advertise its existence. Why is that? Because the numbers currently waiting to be read is quite literally in the millions. So, don’t be too surprised if after all your hard work writing it, plus spending money having it edited and marketed, that apart from the few taken for free on promotions by the growing number…

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My left foot.

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As some of you may know, I recently had an operation on my left foot. Because of the nature of the procedure, I have to rest it for the next few months. This has meant I’m housebound at the moment. 


Confinement to my somewhat small house has driven me crazy from time to time. After all, how many DIY programmes, repeats of Time Team, and Escape to the Country can a person watch without losing their sanity? However, there has been one thing that has stopped me going on a one woman rampage, or in my case, hop, and that is because I’ve really got quite a lot written of my current work in progress, Elawyn, book one of  the Songstress Trilogy. Gone, albeit probably temporarily, are my procrastinating ways, and it feels great!😀


It’s also distracted me from wanting to smoke, the cause of my problems, although I am using an e-cigarette to help as well. It’s just a pity that it took something so traumatic to focus me on what’s really important – my health and my writing. 



Excuses for not writing

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Considering I love writing, I often find “reasons” for not doing it. Odd? Yes indeed, but I suspect I’m not the only writer to succumb to this strange malaise. I think part of the reason is the thought of having to put my brain in gear and spark some neurons into life. In fact let’s be honest, in my case, it’s down to sheer laziness.


Some of the feeble excuses I’ve come up with in the past, are: writer’s block, lack of inspiration, not in the mood, and so on and so on.  I’ve even been known to tackle the ironing, rather than sit down at the keyboard.


And yet when I do write, I feel so much better, I feel as though I’ve achieved something. I think part of the reason that I churn out these excuses, is that I don’t have a set writing routine. I tell myself…

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Do you love your job?

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I do!😀 No, I don’t mean the job I do for a living, I mean writing. And it is a job, a highly pleasurable job. I consider it to be my real career, one in which I take genuine pride. Yes, some of my earlier works could stand a little improvement, but this just goads me on to get better, to craft and create and to obtain as near perfection as I can.


Writing is one of the few things I treasure in my life, apart from friends and family, of course. I’ve never had a “day” job that I’ve enjoyed, most people don’t, unfortunately. But from the moment I wake up, and throughout the working day, writing is mostly what I think about; anything else is just a distraction. Obsessed? Probably, But I wouldn’t have it any other way😀


The Silver Flute Trilogy

silver flute trilogy

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Journey of a lifetime

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