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Do you have a writing routine?

Posted in Writing with tags on January 19, 2018 by Kate Jack

I do – of sorts. I’ve had the same writing routine for years, but now I’ve made some changes. See if you can spot them.

Early start. The alarm goes off at 5am and after a lot of swearing, I switch it off and lurch my way to the bathroom.

Feed the cat. The next, rather revolting task, is to feed the cat, as she refuses to stop trying to trip me up, until I do. The smell of cat food at that time of the day necessitates the holding of the breath, as it’s emptied into the dish. This invariably followed by…



Write. Once all that’s accomplished, out comes the laptop and once I’ve checked out Facebook, Twitter and my emails, it’s time to get on with writing my latest WIP.

This also includes that staple part of a writer’s diet – more coffee.

Work. 6am rolls around and it’s time to set off for work and spend the next few hours in mind numbing, boring routine, broken only by more cups of coffee.

Write. Then it’s home again, grab a bite to eat, fight off a maddened cat, who is acting as though she’s never been fed.


Once I’ve fought my way past the deranged feline, it’s back to the laptop and write, this time accompanied by a cup of…


And repeat, except for a few small differences – can you spot them? 🙂

Early start.




Feed the cat.


More coffee.


Go to bed.


Go to sleep and dream about writing.


And we’re off!

Posted in Writing with tags on January 17, 2018 by Kate Jack


Now that I’ve published the second edition of Land of Midnight Days, and had a short writing break, it’s time to take my feet off my desk and get stuck into book II, Through the Gloaming. 


As I said in my previous post, Press pause  it’s perfectly okay to take a break, in between writing projects, to refresh the mind, not to mention the eyes, before embarking on a new project.

The reason why I’m reiterating this point, is because after I’d posted about this sometimes thorny issue, I recalled a post I made some time ago on my  Facebook page stating that I was taking a break from writing due to personal problems. I got a reply to this, from someone I can’t recall the name of, making the rather black and white statement that there was no excuse for not writing every day. This is nonsense! Of course there’re things that get in the way of writing every day: family responsibilities, working, bereavement, and last, but not least, lack of inclination. 

My point is, dear friends, never, ever allow yourself to be intimidated by others. Follow your own rules and inclinations and remember, it’s quality that should come first and foremost, and if you’re able to produce quantity as well, that’s a bonus 😀

kate Jack @ twitter

Press pause…

Posted in Writing with tags on January 12, 2018 by Kate Jack

…and breathe.

So, now that  Land of Midnight Days  is up and running again, it’s time to take a short break. I need to allow my brain cells to rejuvenate, before I embark on the second part of my journey and begin editing the second book, Through the Gloaming.

Now some writers would say that one should write every day, and for the most part I do, but sometimes it’s not a good idea to force yourself; I’ve found, from experience, that it can cause a sense of dread and thus make the creative process arduous and unfulfilling. It’s also a good idea to allow the brain to think of other things for awhile, so that when writing is resumed the imagination is refreshed and ready to plunge headlong into the character and world-building process.

At one time I allowed myself to be influenced by such mantras as: a writer writes, or you must write every day; but not anymore. I write when I have something to write about and, more importantly, if I feel the urge. In a nutshell, everyone is different: everyone works at their own pace, or they should do, and most of all, everyone should write because they want to.

It won’t be long before I resume work on my books, as soon as I can uncross my eyes from staring at a computer screen for hours on end, and feel refreshed and ready to create the very best stories I can. 🙂

Doing your very best…

Posted in Writing with tags on January 8, 2018 by Kate Jack

…is the least you can do.

I recently wrote about second chances, in my article: What if?  wondering what it would be like to start all over again, writing wise. Well that’s exactly what I’ve done, by re-editing, and to a certain extent, rewriting the first book in The Silver Flute Trilogy, Land of Midnight Days. I thought I’d worked hard on it the first time round, but it was nothing compared to how much time and effort I’ve put into it now. I’ve streamlined ruthlessly. I’ve corrected plot errors and wordiness and polished, until it gleams!

It is now one of the jewels in my writing crown and is only the first of many to come. To get it as near to perfection as I can is the very least my readers deserve. I want to engage people’s imaginations to such an extent, that they will live and breathe the story, and be swept along until they reach the final page. I want to leave them yearning for more. 

And this should surely be the aim of all writers, to provide their readers with a story that grabs them by the hand and pulls them into worlds that fascinate and enthral, and introduce them to characters that will engage and repulse in equal measure. The Land of Midnight Days does this and offers so much more besides.

So, watch out for the second edition of a book that will carry you beyond the mundane and introduce you to new places and faces. Coming very soon to an Amazon near you.

Future present, future past

Posted in Writing with tags , , on December 30, 2017 by Kate Jack

As usual, time has flown by and 2017 is almost over. When I look back, the past two years have been an eventful time for me. I gave up smoking over a year ago.

Had an operation on my left foot, which resulted in the amputation of my left big toe,

and I also retired.

But of all the things that happened to me was my return to writing short stories, something I haven’t done for a long time. I surprised, even shocked myself, by producing not just one book, but three!

Given my normal penchant for procrastination, I turned these books out in super short time, by my standards, and found out not only how to format and upload them to Amazon, but I also indulged in the joy of seeking out and purchasing the covers for them. But the biggest event of all, was the return of my book rights for The Silver Flute Trilogy, and the opportunity to re-edit and republish them myself. It was an opportunity I never thought I would have, but since it’s happened, my enthusiasm for writing has reignited and is leading me down a new path to fresh creations.

The Silver Flute Trilogy (1st edition)

The Silver Flute Trilogy (2nd edition)

As an indie author, I relish my freedom to write what I like and when I like. To choose my own covers and publish where, when and how I wish. 

Roll on 2018. 😀

Why Indie Writers are Important to Readers

Posted in Writing on October 21, 2017 by Kate Jack

A very interesting, and refreshing, take on self publishing.

J.D. Adamsson

There’s been some publicity recently about the lowering standards of books, about how indie writers have an overblown opinion of their abilities. Generalisations like that are rarely accurate, things are just never that simple.

to the lighthouseThere are many writers in this world. The natural geniuses, who still nevertheless need a firm hand in editing, spelling and developmental input. The ones who aren’t great at the start, but love reading good literature, who want to write too and who put in the study and hours to improve their skills. There are those who have ideas, maybe good, maybe not so good, who perhaps have enough funds to pay a ruck of line and developmental editors to make their stories shine. Some even go as far as hiring ghost writers to write their ideas for them, and who then take all the credit, but they aren’t really writers (no famous names named). There…

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Determination is the key!

Posted in Writing with tags , , , on July 1, 2017 by Kate Jack

Writers are prone to fits of melancholy and depression, brought about by lack of success and, possibly, too much coffee. This in turn leads to all cessation of writing activities, which takes us back to the above mentioned state of being. 

It becomes a vicious circle, from which seemingly there’s no escape. 

But there is. It’s not easy, and involves a lot of girding of the loins, but it can be done. And what is this miraculous cure? I hear you ask. Simple: DETERMINATION and lots of it. But here’s the cherry on the cake. Once you’ve made the decision, it becomes easier. Just as I was determined never to smoke another cigarette, it’ll be a year in August, just as I was determined to use the time I have to write my next set of books. The results? I have more money at my disposal, since I packed in the fags, my health has improved, and best of all, I’m writing again on a regular basis.

Remember what the great French Artist, Henri Matisse said:


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