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Kate Jack’s book choice – Sue Moorhouse.

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My next book choice is Sue Moorhouse’s fabulous Broomsticks, Walking sticks & Zimmer Frames.

Remember when you were a kid and either read or listened to nursery rhymes and fairy tales? Do you recall how they enthralled, made you laugh, and downright scared you? Did you ever wonder what happened to those characters when they reached their twilight years? Well they’re all here in this smashing little book, written for more “mature” readers.

As Sue says on her Amazon page: Fairy Tales for the Mature.
‘Why is it always the young and glamorous – the beautiful princesses and handsome princes – who dominate fairy tales? These fun, adult, fairy tales are written from the viewpoint of the older characters: Red Riding Hood’s grandma, a fairy godmother with a touch of Alzheimer’s, the matron of Rapunzel’s boarding school, a very stressed planning officer, the troll in the tower block and many more.’  

I read this little gem awhile ago and it made me chuckle. The stories it contains are just as enthralling as their traditional counterparts, just as funny and some of ’em are just as scary!

So why not treat yourself and grab a copy of this delightful tome and revel in these oh so familiar, yet very different tales. 😀


Kate Jack’s book choice, Nicola J McDonagh

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Another writer of Dystopian fantasy, Nicola J McDonagh has so many reviews, all singing the praises of her work on her amazon pages, I’m green with envy.  McDonagh’s writing is descriptive, fast paced, and ideal for young adults. The opening chapter of Echoes from the lost ones, grabs you by the throat and hauls you into the world she’s created: I felt a calloused hand grab onto my wrist and haul me into the relative light. His grip was strong, but not as much as the pong that drifted from the group of raggedy youths I was surrounded by. (Copyright Nicola J McDonagh)

The first two books follow on from each other, and the third is a collection of stories. All three are well worth reading, and as I said, the reviews support this. So drop by Nicola’s amazon pages and have a browse.


Echoes cover

A Silnce Heard cover sml


You can also view more of her work here:

Kate Jack’s book choice, Kate Wrath.

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ECoverjpgHere I am again, with my second book choice. “E”, by Kate Wrath is a must read for all fans of dystopian fantasy. From the moment I read the opening line, I was hooked!

I wake up in a box of iron. I know nothing, remember nothing.

There is one thought imprinted on my consciousness: you have been erased. (Copyright, Kate Wrath.)

And it doesn’t disapoint. From the word go, the reader is plunged into a world that is unremittingly harsh. It’s a fight for survival against starvation, slavery, and most of all, fellow human beings. Even recycling other people’s cast offs, to earn money to buy food, is fraught with danger.

Wrath’s writing style is elegant, descreptive and paints a crystal clear picture for her readers, and yet leaves them enough leeway to make their own intrepretations. To read a sample of her work, or even purchase the book, go to:*Version*=1&*entries*=0

You can also visit her Goodreads page and ask her about her writing at:

To view more of Kate’s work, go to:

Kate Jack’s book choice, Jane Dougherty

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dragon book

Today I’m going to give all you fabulous people out there, the opportunity to find out about some of the literary gems available to read and review. We’re going to start with a writer whose storytelling standards are so high, it’s a shame she’s not already on the bestseller list. It’s none other than Jane Dougherty, writer extrodinaire. 😀

the dark citadel

For those of you who’re fans of dystopian fantasy, this is definitely the book for you and the good news is, it’s part of a series! With well rounded, three dimensional characters, set in a world that’s so real that you feel as if you’re there, Doughtery’s writing carries you along on the crest of a wave. But don’t just take my word for it, go to her Amazon links and read the reviews for yourself.

For a greater insight into the author herself, drop by her page on Goodreads and ask her a question about her writing; she doesn’t bite… not much 😀

What’s your dream?

Posted in New Authors section with tags , , , on August 17, 2014 by Kate Jack Land of Midnight Days

midnight Through the Gloaming


Follow the trail to…

Posted in New Authors section with tags , , , on August 13, 2014 by Kate Jack Land of Midnight Days

midnightdayscover-u599 Through the Gloaming


My new wip, book I of The Songstress Trilogy.

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The plotting for my next novel, Elawyn’s Song is going well. Had loads of ideas for new characters, although at least two from The Silver Flute Trilogy are the main protagonists: Elawyn, Jeremiah’s half sister, and Thrace, the pugnacious monk. As I said in another post, the main character is Elawyn, the first time I’ve had a female lead.

I’m really enjoying working on this and so far, it’s been relatively easy. That said, it’s only a draft at this stage, the hard work begins when I stop jotting down ideas and begin writing in earnest.

Wish me luck 😀

midnightdayscover-u599 Land of Midnight Days

gloaming cover Through the Gloaming


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