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Since I retired, back in May, I have well and truly abdicated as the queen of procrastination. Since the day after I retired, I have written every day! Yes, you heard me – every day! 

What brought about this startling transformation? Peace and quiet and the ability to organise my day as I see fit. I still wake up at about 5 am, always been an early waker, and as my bed is next to the window, I get a spectacular view of the sunrise. I lie there and gaze at this awe inspiring sight, listening to the birds singing and I feel filled with inspiration, until Meg, my cat, starts demanding breakfast; there’s nothing like the smell of cat food first thing in the morning to set my stomach churning. 

Once she’s busy stuffing her face, I return to bed, fire up the computer, flex my fingers, and start working on the first book of my current wip, The Songstress Trilogy. I usually keep this up for approximately half an hour, then I take a break and make a cup of tea. The first brew of the day is always the best, but the feeling of contentment and sense of accomplishment is supreme.

The best bit, though, is that I no longer circle the keyboard with a feeling of dread; I’m actually enjoying this newfound work ethic 😀 Why? Because I want to do it. I’m no longer stultified by boredom, or sneaking out of work for a crafty fag – when I used to smoke. Now I have a sense of purpose and along with that, I feel fulfilled; something I haven’t felt in years. I even managed to get rid of an old wooden desk that’s been cluttering up the spare room for years. I got it downstairs, into the car, and deposited it at the council dump, all by myself; not bad for an old lady with a dodgy foot 😀

So, hopefully, I’ll keep this up and will soon be starting on book 2. So long spider solitaire, so long procrastination, hello writing! 😀 AMZN UK AMZN US


The middle…

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Amazon review Through the Gloaming (The Silver Flute Trilogy Book 2 by Dee Harrison) eBook: Katrina Jack: 

gloaming 1

I was fortunate enough to win a copy of this, the sequel to Land of Midnight Days. Once more we meet Jeremiah Tully, the mute flute player and continue his exploits in a Dystopian future. This is just as well written and involving as the first book and we see the characters change and develop as they meet with fresh and disturbing adventures. Some sequels fail to live up to the promise of the first book, this does not.
gloaming cover

Fight or Flight.

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Five star review for…

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dawn horizon …book III of The Silver Flute Trilogy.


Start the New Year with a bang!

Posted in General with tags , , on December 28, 2014 by Kate Jack Land of Midnight Days UK Land of Midnight Days US Through the Gloaming Through the Gloaming US dawn horizon uk dawn horizon us

A great bargain!

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midnight 2midnight

A great read. YA urban fantasy at its best! Land of Midnight Days

Enter a new world and…

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… let your imagination take flight… enter the gloaming now – if you dare. Through the Gloaming


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