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As most people know, good reviews, and even some bad ones, can give a boost to whatever it is you’re trying to market. I’m glad to say that book one of the Silver Flute Trilogy, Land of Midnight Days, has received yet another great critique.

Written with obvious sincerity, Jane Dougherty is not afraid to point out some of the shortcomings of my debut novel, in a constructive and honest way. She also doesn’t stint on the praise, where praise is due, and I’m very grateful to her for the time and effort she put into her feedback.

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Best Unknown Young Adult Books


Land of Midnight Days – YA Urban fantasy

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Goodreads: news, reviews and new/old authors.

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Goodreads is a wonderful site for readers and writers to obtain information and reviews on both contemporary and classic fiction. There’s also links to various blogs by your favourite authors and the opportunity to browse for books to add to your personal library.

So pay a visit and immerse yourself in a world filled with opportunities to expand your reading horizons. 😀



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News and reviews on Land of Midnight Days

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Fellow writer and friend, Keith C Blackmore, has kindly reviewed my recently published book, Land of Midnight Days.

Go to this link to see what he says:

News and Reviews for Land of Midnight Days.

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Feedback from some readers of Land of Midnight Days:

I’m a huge fan of urban fantasy, so I decided to check this out. Glad I did! The opening immediately pulls the reader into the story, and the way you introduce elements of backstory gradually makes for a fast-paced read. The descriptions are vivid and you do a really good job of building up a picture of the setting. The idea of the flute with unknown powers is intriguing, as are Jeremiah’s other abilities, and the fact that he’s viewed as an outsider engages our sympathy.


I read your pitch while on your profile and I was intrigued, Jeremiah seemed like a great character, so I read your first chapter.
Immediately as I read your descriptions I was reminded of stories like “Akira” or “Do androids dream of electric sheep”. Which are two of my favourites…


Kate Jack’s writing leads the readers through the story without them ever realizing they’re turning pages. Be prepared for lapses in time as Kate places you on the streets, chasing after Jeremiah Tully as if the story is real. Ryan Holmes


Hi Kate,
Thought I’d read this as Young Adult Fantasy is just up my street – just like my book Blackthorn. It’s great; fast paced, vivid, with just enough detail to create the world without getting bogged down in detail. The conflict between the different races reminds me of the Trudi Canavan novels. Your characters seem to be well thought out and have very different voices, the subtle details you give about their character make them individual and rounded. Brilliant!


“Kate’s urban fantasy story has some pretty good things going for it. Protagonists who have huge challenges, action sequences that are engrossing, and villains that are bad-assed. Get it. Read it.” Keith C Blackmore

Grab a mug of hot chocolate and settle in for a good read. Katrina Anne Jack weaves a credible world with a main character in Jeremiah that the reader quickly gets involved with. There are many urban fantasy books out there but few match The Land of Midnight Days for exciting characters and perilous situations. Jim Darcy

Coming soon. Miss it – miss out.



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