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The freedom to write!

Posted in General with tags , , , on April 8, 2017 by Kate Jack

Most authors don’t earn enough from their writing to survive without going to work. This can have a detrimental effect, in that sometimes there’s a lack of energy and motivation to indulge in the creative process. It’s also very difficult to get in the right mindset too, when for most of the day dull routine saps the imagination and the writer finds themselves bogged down, their wits and imagination stuck at rock bottom.

This is a rut in which I’ve been stuck for a long, long time. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel, as I’m now taking early retirement. I will have the time, the energy, and hopefully, the inspiration to at last begin writing seriously again. I can’t wait to free my brain from the excruciating miasma of paid employment. Of having the use of the majority of my time dictated by my, soon to be, ex employers. I can’t wait to walk the streets of my imagination and bring to life new characters, new worlds and new stories – I can’t think of anything better. 🙂 AMZN UK AMZN US


Dreams and words.

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What fills your imagination?

Posted in General with tags , , , , on September 16, 2014 by Kate Jack


Ever since I was a small child, I would fill the time before I fell asleep with stories and fancies. They populated the darkness like a multitude of tiny beacons that drove away the nighttime terrors, which sometimes used to plague my bedtime.


Having a vivid imagination could sometimes be a problem for me. I’d imagine all kinds of night horrors, and to drive them away, would rock from side to side, until eventually I wore through the bolts that held the bed legs in place, until eventually they collapsed.


However, a turning point came when someone gave me a set of stickers, depicting a popular science fiction character – can’t remember which one – that shifted a gear in my imagination. I made up all kinds of stories, involving this character in all kinds of marvellous adventures. This facility expanded and grew, until the monster under my bed moved out in disgust, unable to compete with the sparkling new images that now filled my mind at night.


Even now, as old as I am, this ability to weave stories in those  moments before sleep descends, has stayed with me. Long may it last. 😀

kj Land of Midnight Days Through the Gloaming

Bargain Hunter Alert!

Posted in General with tags , , , , , , on August 31, 2014 by Kate Jack


How much does the average hard back book cost? £15.99? £18.99? I’ve paid more than that in the past. Well, Land of Midnight Days, hard backed version, is now for sale at the stupendous, knock down price of £6.59; mere coppers for, even though I say it myself, a beautiful book that would grace anyone’s shelves. Even better, the ebook version is now only £1.85! What more could any collector of YA Urban fantasy ask for, apart from a story that will take your breath away?

Believe me, I’m not in the writing game to become rich, I’ve no illusions on that score – although it’d be nice. I write because I’m blessed, or cursed, depending on your point of view. with an imagination that just won’t quit. 

When I first embarked on my writing journey, I never thought I’d see the day my work would be out there for people to read (self publishing didn’t exist, when this old dinosaur was a girl). But here I am, a published author, with a hell of a lot to offer 🙂

So peeps, grab yourself a bargain – you won’t regret it 😀

dinosaur-reading Land of Midnight Days Through the Gloaming

The End!

Posted in New Authors section with tags , , , , on June 23, 2014 by Kate Jack

dawn horizon

I’ve just written the final chapter of book III in The Silver Flute Trilogy, and boy does it feel great! It’s taken me longer to complete than the first two, due to various reasons, the major one being the loss of my father in August last year.

However, I think I’m back on track now and as a bonus, finishing Dawn Horizon has given me an idea for my next book, so watch this space :D.

It’s so satisfying creating something like a book, it fills a need in me and exercises my imagination, especially since I can now carry out my favourite bit, which is editing. To polish and refine is almost akin to painting a work of art, in that a writer endeavors to create word pictures in the reader’s mind, to share a vision, to introduce characters that will hopefully become old, familiar friends. So on with the editing, even though my imagination is fermenting with ideas for my next book. 😀

kj 2


gloaming cover

Another day and I’m not feeling fine.

Posted in General with tags , , , , on April 23, 2014 by Kate Jack


One of the drawbacks of being a writer, is having an overactive mind. Just lately, I’m having trouble getting to sleep, partly due to the amount of Cadbury creme eggs I’ve been shoveling down my neck, and partly because I can’t seem to switch my mind off. Thoughts, ideas, and nightmares, twist and churn through my poor, beleaguered brain, causing me to toss and turn, leaving my duvet and pillows all over the place.


Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to flick a switch, and turn our imaginations off for a little while? 😀


Scaling the walls of my imagination.

Posted in General with tags , , , , , on August 25, 2013 by Kate Jack


Have you ever found your mind so full of ideas, images and story lines, that trying to sort them out feels almost impossible. I do, sometimes. Every night, when I go to bed, I find my brain  fizzing and churning with a chaotic mixture of ideas, so much so that I rarely get a decent night’s sleep

I’m always having to turn the light on and scribble down whatever’s popped into my head, otherwise I’ll forget it. It’s usually worth the effort, but sometimes, in the light of day, a lot of my scribblings turn out to be pure nonsense and totally unusable, even for speculative fiction.

How I wish my brain had a mental filing cabinet, where I could file away my thoughts neatly, to be retrieved at my leisure. No doubt some people have the capacity to do this, but a lot of us have to retain our ideas the hard way.

Never mind. Better to have an overactive imagination, I suppose, than none at all.



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