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No, I’m not talking about spell books, or grimoires, but fiction books in general. They allow access to adventures, mysteries and places the reader has never seen or experienced; the possibilities are endless. Of course speculative fiction, such as I write, allows the use of magic to enhance a sense of wonder and enthralment not perhaps available in other genres. The bonus of urban fantasy is that it also allows a combination of the real and fantastical.

silver flute trilogy


 The Silver Flute Trilogy

An example of a mixture of the magical, mixed with realism, is one of the most unusual fantasy books I’ve ever read. Set in the 19th century this story is beautifully constructed, using a wonderful mixture of the author’s own characters and real, historical figures such as mad King George III and Lord Wellington.

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

The story follows two English Magicians and their partnership as master and pupil, until a falling out sends them careening down divergent paths. The tale contains weird and wonderful creatures, from a world outside our own. There are elements of adventure, conflict, wickedness, tragedy, and reconciliation. To say that Susanna Clarke has produced a tale of wonder and enchantment, that completely draws the reader in, is an understatement. So it’s possible to combine genres successfully and satisfy readers who would not normally read historical fiction or fantasy.

The above illustrates that it’s perfectly possible to combine more than one genre and produce a book that will take readers’ breath away and send them spinning through a story that will immerse and engage with stunning effect.

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Why I love to read.

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I’ve often posted about why I love to write, but where did that need to create come from? It all stemmed from my family and their united love of reading. My father loves thrillers and mysteries. My brother, like myself, has eclectic tastes and reads a variety of books, from fiction to history. 

The first set of books I can remember receiving was Enid Blyton’s Famous Five. I rapidly outgrew these, however, and moved on to C S Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia.

All that aside, I view reading as a form of escapism, which I suppose most people do. It can take your mind off your troubles, push away the hum drum routine of life, even if it’s only for a few hours. But what I love most about reading, is the sense of anticipation, the feeling that you’re going to have a good time, even if it’s a tear jerker romance.

A really good book can give you a whole host of emotions, be it rooting for the goodie, to railing against the baddie.

That’s why I love to read.




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