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The freedom to write!

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Most authors don’t earn enough from their writing to survive without going to work. This can have a detrimental effect, in that sometimes there’s a lack of energy and motivation to indulge in the creative process. It’s also very difficult to get in the right mindset too, when for most of the day dull routine saps the imagination and the writer finds themselves bogged down, their wits and imagination stuck at rock bottom.

This is a rut in which I’ve been stuck for a long, long time. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel, as I’m now taking early retirement. I will have the time, the energy, and hopefully, the inspiration to at last begin writing seriously again. I can’t wait to free my brain from the excruciating miasma of paid employment. Of having the use of the majority of my time dictated by my, soon to be, ex employers. I can’t wait to walk the streets of my imagination and bring to life new characters, new worlds and new stories – I can’t think of anything better. 🙂 AMZN UK AMZN US


Write inside my head.

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So what do I mean by “write inside my head?” Well, have you ever gone to bed and hovered in that state between waking and sleeping – of course you have. It’s then, especially if you have a work in progress, that you get your best ideas. Words stream through your head, arranging themselves into fantastic prose and narrative, shooting around your brain at the speed of light.

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You know you should switch the light back on and write it all down, while it’s still fresh in your mind. But you’re all warm and snuggly, so you swear to yourself that you’ll remember it in the morning. “No you won’t,” whispers that little nagging voice in the lower level of your thoughts, “you know you won’t.” It’s like the urge your bladder presses on you to go to the loo, but it’s cold and dark, and you’re so comfy; it can wait ’til the morning – no it can’t! You’ll wake up feeling as though you’ve drunk an entire resevoir of water.

forgetLikewise, all those fantastic images, all those flashing colours, and sparkling reams of prose are gone – vanished into the ether. Your brain, so receptive during those precious few moments before you sink into the arms of Morpheous, has returned to its every grey day dullness. Where has all the verve and imagination gone? The twinkling revelations of the night are no more.


So take heed, writers all, no matter how sleepy you are when the ideas strike, shake off your lethargy and write ’em down. Let your mind spill the seeds of fruitfulness and allow your ideas to bloom.

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