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Writer’s block…

Posted in Writing with tags , , , on March 15, 2017 by Kate Jack

… is an author’s worst nightmare. It’s when you’re bereft of inspiration and, no matter how hard you try, your imagination seems to have shut down. In fact the harder you try, the worse the situation can become. The emptiness echoes around your brain, spreading darkness and desolation, along with the odd tumbleweed. This in turn raises all kinds of doubts: Has your talent deserted you? Will you ever write again? The thought of not being able to create raises all kinds of fears and engenders a bleakness that fills your life with greyness.

I remember a post I put on my author’s page on  Facebook about writer’s block and someone commented on it. It was made, I suspect, by a rather brash young man. He stated there was no excuse for not writing – what a ridiculous, black and white thing to say! Authors do have a life outside writing and all the problems associated with day to day living: work, family, illness, breakups from the love of their lives, all of which can interrupt the creative flow. This naturally leaves people fed up and unable to free themselves from what seems like an unbreakable pattern. Kate Jack Author Page

But there is light at the end of the tunnel. Writer’s block can be overcome. Personally I go on a reading spree, garnering inspiration from my favourite authors. I even mentally edit books as I read, and feel really smug when I reconstruct clumsy sentences and dialogue written by famous authors. This reassures me that even best selling writers can make small mistakes, so there’s hope for me. And if there’s hope for me, then there’s definitely hope for all you self doubters out there.

Inspiration will return, so never give up, never lose hope, but charge into the fray and write, write, write! 😀 AMAZON UK AMAZON US

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Cyberwarriors or trolls?

Posted in General with tags , , , , on March 7, 2015 by Kate Jack


I’ve been following an online discussion in a writers group, where a member has posted about being harangued by an author, whose book they politely declined to review. Whether this was because the member felt disinclined to review said work, or simply didn’t have time, doesn’t matter; it’s their right to review or not, given that most reviewers do not receive payment for their efforts. The “spurned” author not only reviled the reviewer personally, but also denigrated their political views and generally behaved like a moron. This is highly unprofessional behaviour, and only the fact that they were not named, has saved them from being hung out to dry.


That said, the post has stirred up a hornet’s nest, in that whilst most comments are in agreement that the author behaved extremely badly, there is now a sparring match going on between two of the members, with one telling the post’s originator to “suck it up and move on,” and the other refuting this point of view. Debate is a healthy and desirable thing, but pointless, circular arguments are not.

troll 2

The post’s originator was obviously hurt and bewildered by the response to their polite refusal to review and was seeking advice on how to respond. In my opinion, yes they should try to ignore it and move on, and look forward and not dwell on this person’s ill-mannered, not to say, disgusting diatribe. However, one can advise this in a kindly and positive way, offering reassurance that they were perfectly within their rights, without turning the discussion into a free for all. I only made one comment, in the above vein, and left it at that. However, I keep getting a notification email every time the two combatants make a comment. I can’t stop this, without leaving the group, which I don’t want to do. Pray to God they run out of steam soon.

running out of steam


Congragulations and celebrations!

Posted in General with tags , , , , on May 8, 2014 by Kate Jack

Clipart Illustration of a Bunch Of Floating Party Balloons WithIt’s been four years since I started this blog. Four, for the most part, enjoyable years :D, with 21,998 views, 1,973 comments, and over 600 posts.

So thanks to you all for visiting my little blog, and viewing my posts, sane and insane. 😀

Here’s to the next four years. Cheers.



Blogging for all I’m worth!

Posted in General with tags , , , , , , , on November 4, 2012 by Kate Jack

Once upon a time, I thought the word “Blog” meant some kind of stomach bug, now I know differently.

Anything to do with computers is a mystery to me and so I asked a friend what a blog was. When she’d finished rolling around and laughing at my ignorance, she helped me set this one up and boy am I glad she did. I’ve made a lot of online friends as a result – and not all of them are weird – and expanded my writing horizons way beyond anything I could’ve hoped for. Yes, there’re some drawbacks in the stupid and sometimes downright offensive spam mail I get,  especially when I originally titled my online efforts: Kate Jack’s fantasy blog, but we all suffer from that and they’re best ignored.

So 11,227 views later, a big fat thank you to everyone who’s posted, commented and followed my efforts to entertain, inform and exchange views. You’re all fantastic! 😀

News and Reviews II

Posted in General with tags , , , , , , on July 1, 2012 by Kate Jack

Opening line is brilliant. It’s personal, if you know what I mean, and exciting. I like howyou start off with a bang, drawing me right in. I immediately sympathize with Jeremiah. The world you created could be overwhelmingly confusing, but the way you explain things makes them seem simple (in a good way) and I really like the names you came up with, “Wannabes,” and so on. I like how you reveal things one bit at a time instead of info-dumping, which can mess with pacing.
“It’s steeple reared toward the sky”–love that for some reason.
Also, “the instrument’s voice” is brilliant.

Fast paced, atmospheric and exciting! I shot through all the chapters you have uploaded without pausing for breath. In cinematic terms this reads like Lord of the Rings meets The Warriors. Great idea… This is beautifully written and should be published!

Hi Kate!

So far I’ve read the first chapter but I couldn’t wait to comment. Right from the beginning, your writing is heart pounding, edge of my seat excitement. Jeremiah’s actions are described so well, I had no problem picturing everything vividly in my head. I love the tone as well. It’s very dark and mysterious and I could sense that danger was around every corner.

My favorite thing about it in general is that your book is very fast paced. I think that’s a great thing to have especially in a YA book. I have a very short attention span so consider yourself victorious.

YA urban fantasy coming soon

Miss it, miss out.



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