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The art of weaving a website.

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They’re all kinds of websites for all kinds of things. If you run a business, no matter what it is, it’s essential to have a website so that people can see what you’re all about. This applies to writers, as well. I built my first website when I was working for my MA in creative writing, at Liverpool John Moore’s university. Talk about blood, sweat and tears! It wasn’t so easy, back then, to create a website. I used a web development tool called Dreamweaver. It was like trying to scrub a huge stone floor with a toothbrush!

Of course it’s not so complex now and if, like me, you’re not able to pay for a domain at the moment, there are plenty of free websites you can use for the time being. These are much better now, than they used to be. With the site I use,, there’s a surprising amount you can do. They supply quite a large quantity of images and backgrounds for free, or you have the option of uploading your own, which gives you greater freedom to create the look you want for your site.

But how do you decide on a look? Well, it’s usually trial and error, until you arrive at a style you like. For me it’s easier to make a mock up, like above, until I can decide on what I want. Because I write dystopian urban fantasy, I wanted something dark, but not dull, so I elected for a black and white, but brightly lit, city background. 

So what not to do? Being of a colourful nature, despite my chosen genre, I had to restrain myself from giving every page of my website a different background or colour theme. Why? Well too  much of the above distracts viewers and they tend to shy away from a confusing kaleidoscope. They’re there for a specific reason and distractions in the form of too much content will put them off. It’s fine to try and make a website that’s attractive and even colourful, but as the old saying goes, “less is  more.” Unfussy images, sharp backgrounds and a concise navigation menu are essential, as is a certain amount of uniformity.

So if you’re thinking of creating a website, go for it. Study the websites of your favourite authors to get ideas, then forge ahead and get your name out there.



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