Since I retired, back in May, I have well and truly abdicated as the queen of procrastination. Since the day after I retired, I have written every day! Yes, you heard me – every day! 

What brought about this startling transformation? Peace and quiet and the ability to organise my day as I see fit. I still wake up at about 5 am, always been an early waker, and as my bed is next to the window, I get a spectacular view of the sunrise. I lie there and gaze at this awe inspiring sight, listening to the birds singing and I feel filled with inspiration, until Meg, my cat, starts demanding breakfast; there’s nothing like the smell of cat food first thing in the morning to set my stomach churning. 

Once she’s busy stuffing her face, I return to bed, fire up the computer, flex my fingers, and start working on the first book of my current wip, The Songstress Trilogy. I usually keep this up for approximately half an hour, then I take a break and make a cup of tea. The first brew of the day is always the best, but the feeling of contentment and sense of accomplishment is supreme.

The best bit, though, is that I no longer circle the keyboard with a feeling of dread; I’m actually enjoying this newfound work ethic 😀 Why? Because I want to do it. I’m no longer stultified by boredom, or sneaking out of work for a crafty fag – when I used to smoke. Now I have a sense of purpose and along with that, I feel fulfilled; something I haven’t felt in years. I even managed to get rid of an old wooden desk that’s been cluttering up the spare room for years. I got it downstairs, into the car, and deposited it at the council dump, all by myself; not bad for an old lady with a dodgy foot 😀

So, hopefully, I’ll keep this up and will soon be starting on book 2. So long spider solitaire, so long procrastination, hello writing! 😀


https://goo.gl/2n1vKl AMZN UK 

https://goo.gl/EK5Aa8 AMZN US


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