The flow of creativity

Following on from my post, A thought for the day, I now want to explore what it feels like when a writer is filled with inspiration. Positive inspiration can be a rare feeling for a writer, for reasons already stated in the previous article. However, when inspiration does strike, it’s almost like having a high 😀 One experiences a surge of well-being and contentment, as the words pour onto the page and the world and the characters being created, begin to take shape. 

There’s no better feeling than when a wordsmith fulfils their function and creates something to share with others. Supplying readers with doorways into other worlds, allowing them to meet new people and situations, must surely be the ultimate goal of an author.

Yes, there are days when a writer feels like giving up, feeling frustrated and unappreciated, but that’s the name of the game; it’s almost unavoidable. That said, you have to pick yourself up, dust yourself off – and as dispiriting as it can be – start all over again. In the end, it’s worth it.  🙂



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