A journey through the desert

Writers sometimes enter a period where the inspiration, even the desire to write, dries up. I’ve been going through this drought for nearly a year now, but am gradually returning to what I see as my purpose in life. But there’s no doubt about it – it’s hard – very hard. I can only compare it to the god Sisyphus, who was doomed to roll a boulder up the side of a mountain, only for it to roll to the bottom again.

The annoying part of going through this kind of thing, is that you find yourself going around in circles. You don’t want to write, because it’s too much effort, but you also do want to write and can’t think about anything else! It dominates every moment of every day, almost to the point of insanity. 

Writing, for me, is like a drug – a legal high – if you will. I always experience a glow of satisfaction and achievement when I’ve managed to get some words down on paper. So what’s the problem? I think it’s because, basically, I’m mentally lazy; I don’t like having to use my brain. Having to think up plots, characters, so on, fills me with dread, especially at the beginning of a new project. That said, once I do, my mind seems to pick up the pace and the story almost writes itself.

The fatal point, for me, is that once I’ve written a few thousand words, I feel as though I’ve earned a rest and I’m not talking about a coffee break here. Once I stop, it turns into a marathon and takes me ages to pick up the baton again. Even if I’m on a roll that little devil, perched on my shoulder, keeps muttering, “stop now. Put your feet up, you’ve earned it.” I wish the little sod would – well – just sod off!

Anyway, all this can be overcome, simply because if you’re a writer, in any genre, it’s your reason for being and to paraphrase: I write, therefore I am 🙂





2 Responses to “A journey through the desert”

  1. I can relate to this. When I’m in the writing zone, it is all-consuming. I can hardly drag myself away from my laptop and every moment spent away from my WIP is torture. When I’m not in the zone, I procrastinate and put off writing until I can hardly remember what I was working on. There doesn’t seem to be any middle ground. My family usually resents me when I’m in the “zone” because I’m in my own little world, but when I’m not in the “zone” I feel incredibly guilty because I’m not writing. It’s not easy being a writer, is it?

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