Time to put things “Write”


What with one thing and another, 2016 was not a good year for me. For a start I’ve done practically no writing at all, apart from the odd blog post and a few apathetic attempts to work on my current wip, book one of The Songstress Trilogy.  The only reasons I can give for this lack of productivity are a scarcity of energy, due to problems at work. They’re making cut backs and have reallocated so many tasks from my department, that we sit around watching the fingers on the clock drag themselves around at a pace that makes a snail look speedy. Boredom, as you know, can sap the life out of a person and make them disinclined to do anything of much; at least that’s the case with me.


Then I had health issues. I suffer from type 2 diabetes and somehow managed to get a diabetic ulcer on the underside of my left big toe. This became infected and despite large quantities of super antibiotics, it continued to deteriorate. Subsequently the toe had to be removed, which resulted in being trapped in hospital for four weeks, not the best place to write for two reasons: firstly, they don’t encourage you to bring in expensive items like laptops, as there’s no real security (the lockers don’t lock) and secondly, I always seemed to end up in the bed next to someone who snored like a stegosaurus.


So after four weeks of sleep deprivation, hospital food, and cabin fever, I went home to yet more confinement, as I was not allowed to put any weight on my foot. Was I fed up? Did I succumb to yet  more apathy? You betcha!


Anyway, this tale of woe actually has a happy ending. Why? Because due to the aforementioned cut backs, the opportunity for early retirement  came along and despite my missing toe, I pole vaulted onto the wagon and put my bid for freedom in.

Chain breaking

So yes folks, I’m breaking the chains of my incarceration and heading for the glorious occupation of writing and creating – there’s nothing like it 😀

kj 2



7 Responses to “Time to put things “Write””

  1. YAY!!!!!!!! So pleased 2016, the awful year that it was, ended on a high note for you honey. May 2017 be full of promise and joy and WRITING! 😀 xxxx

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  2. Yay, Kate! Congratulations! 🙂

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  3. I can certainly understand why you were unable to write under those circumstances. How horrible for you! I’m glad you’re breaking the chains and getting back to writing. Looking forward to reading extracts from your new WIP when the time comes.

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