To resolve to do better…

Time for those New Year resolutions?



…or just go ahead and do it?

Well, the snow is falling again on my blog, which means that time of year is rapidly approaching, and no, I don’t mean Christmas. 

It’s New Year, of which I speak. The time when we all decide to make a list of goals to be achieved, from losing weight, to winning the lottery and becoming millionaires. Of course, some people do stick to their guns and tick off their list of resolutions, until they’ve obtained each and every objective they’ve set themselves.


On the other hand, many of us don’t and fall by the wayside yet again. I’ve already achieved one of my long held goals, to stop smoking, but only because my hand was forced, so to speak. And yet, when left with no real alternative, I just did it. For once there was no procrastination, no deferring it until “tomorrow”, which…

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