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Amazon Customer Reviews: Land of Midnight Days

(The Silver Flute Trilogy Book 1 by Nerdish Mum)

Oh my goodness this book sucks you right in and doesn’t let you out until its done! Land Of Midnight Days is fast paced and action packed. I genuinely couldn’t put this book down when I picked it up as I needed to know what happened next.

Jeremiah the main character is a half Elwyn/half human and a genius with the flute. He is an amazing character, he is broken but he refuses to give up. I think he is also the first mute character that I have come across and it was really interesting watching the struggle of trying to make himself understood when the other person couldn’t use sign language. I thought this was all handled extremely well and the author also highlighted the presumptions that people have about differently abled people. I think the description in the synopsis of Jeremiah is perfect, he knows how to survive, but not how to live.
The characters are all fleshed out really well and there isn’t a single character that I didn’t find interesting. The author has updated elves, ogres and demons in a really interesting way and in a way to make them work in an urban environment instead of rolling hills and valleys. Apart from Jeremiah, I really liked the characters of Joe, Big Fred and I thought Ezra’s character wasn’t nice but was interesting. As a parent I just couldn’t find anything redeeming in either Sylvan or Zeb as both of them let Jeremiah down in the worst way time and time again.The world described is one of violence and of people just trying to survive. It is a very bleak place and one that can be recognised as somewhere we could end up one day. You can feel the hopelessness of the population, though there are spots of light that are shining through the darkness and hopefully they will be the one to succeed by the end of the story.
I’m not sure why I have never heard of this series before or why more people aren’t talking about it. I would 100% recommend it to anyone who loves fantasy or urban fantasy. I will definitely be picking up the rest of the books in the series to find out what happens next to Jeremiah and the other characters.
Thank you to the author who provided a copy in exchange for an honest review.


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