A different kind of spam?


I absolutely love Twitter. I enjoy perusing the different types of tweets and connecting with new people; it’s so much better than Facebook, where things can get somewhat political. This can result in backbiting, arguments, and some very nasty debates, as people get hot under the collar.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford feels the heat during council debates in the chamber over the transit commission, Mar. 5, 2011.


However, what I don’t like is that when you follow someone, who’s followed you, they then send you an “automated” message, asking you to retweet something, or giving links to their websites, books and so on. Now this may seem harmless, but I’ve been caught out before by people asking me to like their Facebook page, etc, and not reciprocating. When I’ve asked them to do so, they’ve simply deleted my request. Apart from the sheer bloody cheek, it’s only good manners that they do you a favour, such as retweeting a post, first. I always return favours, without being asked. I never send out automated messages. I rely solely on people retweeting me, simply because they like what they see; if they don’t, it’s not a problem.


The other thing I hate is that when someone follows me, I always check out their profile and if I don’t like what I see, or the follower and I appear to have nothing in common, I won’t follow back. Normally this results in an “unfollow” and that’s fine. What really cheeses me off, is tweets such as the one I received the other day: “Hey, Kate Jack, followed you after I stumbled across one of your tweets. Hope you’re going to follow me back.” This felt not only pushy, but slightly threatening. As it was, I was aware of this person following me, but when I perused their tweets, found nothing to interest me so didn’t follow them back, as is my right.


And my final, and biggest beef, is being followed by porn tweeters. Some of the images are “soft” porn, which while still offensive to me, I’ll just block and move on. Some of it, however, is beyond vile and I always report them, block them, and then move on. So if you’re pushy, a spammer, or a porn merchant, don’t bother following me, because I will not follow you back.





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  1. Couldn’t agree more, yes yes and YES!

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