What part does a book cover play…


silver flute trilogy

…in selling books? 

The saying: “don’t judge a book by its cover,” doesn’t always fit the bill. It’s also true that a great cover doesn’t necessarily mean great content. However, a dull or poorly executed cover can sometime put people off, even if the content is fantastic. 

midnightBefore my first book, Land of Midnight Days,  was published by Ecanus Publishing, I intended to go the self-publishing route and so commissioned the the above cover. I paid quite a lot of money for it. As you can see, it’s nowhere near as polished and finished as the present cover.


As in most things in life, good presentation is the key. An outstanding cover goes a long way to grabbing a reader’s attention. So what happens after you get the attention, how do you make the reader actually open the book? Well, that’s down to the blurb, or brief synopsis, outlining what…

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