What’s your choice of genre/s?

silver flute trilogy

Authors, how did you discover your writing genre? As some of you may know, I write YA urban fantasy. It took me a long time to discover that I wanted to write in this genre. Why? Well, when I first started writing, many years ago now, it didn’t exist. The choices, in those days, were quite limited. You either wrote grown up fiction, or you wrote children’s fiction. Of course, these were subdivided into fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, romance, and so on. But there was nothing for people in-between. 


Initially, I wanted to be taken “seriously” as a writer, which to me meant writing adult fiction. I tried all kinds of genres, from romance, to mysteries, but finally settled on fantasy. I wrote about dungeons, dragons, lost princes and princess, etc; but the feedback I got, each and every time, was that they were too childlike to qualify for adults. 


Then I wrote the first book of The Silver Flute Trilogy, Land of Midnight Days. Week by week, I took it to my writers group to read out the chapters and garner feedback. One of the other writers, who worked in a school library in a secondary school, made a remark that it was ideal for young adults, aged between fourteen and mid-twenties; that was when my writing life changed! At first I thought it was a compromise, which I suppose it was, but then I settled into it and although I read myriad genres myself, as a writer I’d finally found my niche.

So, what kind of writing journey have you had and where did it lead you?




3 Responses to “What’s your choice of genre/s?”

  1. I’ve always loved sci-fi so my journey of discovery was very very short! 🙂

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