Buy Twitter followers?



I think not. As regular tweeters will know, there is a plague that pervades Twitter – people trying to flog you Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram followers. I usually just shake my head, block the would-be-salesperson, and move on. But today I actually had a laugh at the expense of one of these pests. 


Their spiel went something like this: Are you jealous of my followers, I can get 1,000 followers… and so on and so on. I have an app that allows me to monitor who follows me, which makes it easier for me to decide who to follow, who not to follow, and who to block. However, because it’s free, I’m only allowed so many blocks at a time. I’d had a flurry of these pests trying to sell me Twitter followers, so had run out of my allowance. I therefore opened the aforementioned crap merchant’s twitter page…

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