My left foot.


As some of you may know, I recently had an operation on my left foot. Because of the nature of the procedure, I have to rest it for the next few months. This has meant I’m housebound at the moment. 


Confinement to my somewhat small house has driven me crazy from time to time. After all, how many DIY programmes, repeats of Time Team, and Escape to the Country can a person watch without losing their sanity? However, there has been one thing that has stopped me going on a one woman rampage, or in my case, hop, and that is because I’ve really got quite a lot written of my current work in progress, Elawyn, book one of  the Songstress Trilogy. Gone, albeit probably temporarily, are my procrastinating ways, and it feels great! 😀


It’s also distracted me from wanting to smoke, the cause of my problems, although I am using an e-cigarette to help as well. It’s just a pity that it took something so traumatic to focus me on what’s really important – my health and my writing. 




3 Responses to “My left foot.”

  1. I read the top of your post and immediately said, “Kate has more time to write!!!”

    And, well, it’s good that you’re doing that. Publish your word counts! I think it’d be nice to see pre-foot vs. post-foot.

    Do we need to bring you food?

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    • Thanks for the offer of food, Matt, but I’ve done nothing but stuff my face since I left hospital 😀 I’m averaging about 1,000 to 2,000 words, two or three times a week, as opposed to the same amount per month.


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