Excuses for not writing



Considering I love writing, I often find “reasons” for not doing it. Odd? Yes indeed, but I suspect I’m not the only writer to succumb to this strange malaise. I think part of the reason is the thought of having to put my brain in gear and spark some neurons into life. In fact let’s be honest, in my case, it’s down to sheer laziness.


Some of the feeble excuses I’ve come up with in the past, are: writer’s block, lack of inspiration, not in the mood, and so on and so on.  I’ve even been known to tackle the ironing, rather than sit down at the keyboard.


And yet when I do write, I feel so much better, I feel as though I’ve achieved something. I think part of the reason that I churn out these excuses, is that I don’t have a set writing routine. I tell myself…

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5 Responses to “Excuses for not writing”

  1. I’m currently blaming the cruddy keyboard on my tablet. When that one gets boring I’ll think of something else, which is a pity since I’m up to about page one hundred of my new novel – if only in my head.

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  2. It’s so damn tricky isn’t it? To be honest I have a great excuse for not writing as a condition of my illness is ‘brain fog’, impaired concentration, mental exhaustion, cognitive and short term memory problems etc. But, although all those symptoms are very genuine and debilitating, it also provides the best excuse for not writing and therefore the worst (and easiest) set of circumstances for not getting anything done. It is a constant struggle for me and some days, I admit, I cave in far too easily. I need to be more resilient and force myself to plough on through. I must say though sweetie, don’t beat yourself up too much, you have achieved loads honey, you have written, finished and had published 3 books, I’m still working on number 2! 😀 xxx

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