Do you love your job?



I do! 😀 No, I don’t mean the job I do for a living, I mean writing. And it is a job, a highly pleasurable job. I consider it to be my real career, one in which I take genuine pride. Yes, some of my earlier works could stand a little improvement, but this just goads me on to get better, to craft and create and to obtain as near perfection as I can.


Writing is one of the few things I treasure in my life, apart from friends and family, of course. I’ve never had a “day” job that I’ve enjoyed, most people don’t, unfortunately. But from the moment I wake up, and throughout the working day, writing is mostly what I think about; anything else is just a distraction. Obsessed? Probably, But I wouldn’t have it any other way 😀


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3 Responses to “Do you love your job?”

  1. Writing yes, definitely, teaching NO, not near the end, working in a library now is pretty good, but nothing compares to writing and illustrating! 😀

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    • I hate my day job so much, I’m thinking of taking voluntary redundancy, even though it’ll mean living on a shoe string. My health is rapidly going down hill and for this reason I only work part time. Now they’re “restructuring” the work place, which means they want rid of all part timers and I could even be redeployed to another location. I can drive, but the stress it puts on my left foot is unpleasant.


      • I totally understand, near the end, I hated my old teaching job. The stresses of it, the horrible bullying and office politics just poisoned it for me and took any joy away, and then of course it made me ill. So, tbh, although I’d never want to give dangerous advice to anyone, I really would recommend you leaving your job honey, if you can. To hate a job you’re doing so much, is just lousy on your health and well being and really not worth it in the end. I speak from experience here sweetie, I’m far far poorer than I used to be, my old job paid very well, but made me ill and miserable, now I’m far happier! 😀 xxx

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