Is it necessary to read in order to write?



Well, in my opinion, yes. One can learn so much from other writers, not only the do’s, but also the don’ts. Most writers, if not all, switch on their internal editors when reading someone else’s work. This means mentally substituting one word for another, or even rearranging whole paragraphs! editor

I’ve read the work of people who write, but don’t read, and whilst it’s not always unreadable, it’s almost invariably missing something. The characters are two dimensional, the narrative over-descriptive, or clichéd, and the dialogue is too formal.


Having said that, I think most authors, when they first embark on their writing  journey, make some or all of the above mistakes. However, those who take the time to read and study their craft, learn from these mistakes and gradually hone their work.


I must admit it’s always puzzled me as to why non-readers wish to write. There’s nothing wrong with their…

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6 Responses to “Is it necessary to read in order to write?”

  1. If anything, you learn new vocabulary words. 🙂

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  2. I think it’s a necessity to read others work if you’re truly aiming to become a great writer. I love books. We didn’t have much money when I was growing up, and the local library was my escape. A great book was my Disney World. These days I have more than enough to occupy my attention and have to remind myself to sit down, take a break and read a great book.

    I’m also writing my first novel. By reading others work, I’m able to find out what’s hot and what’s not-so to speak. I am also more keenly aware of pacing, dialogue, exposition, character development….. and how others handle these important aspects of writing.

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    • I couldn’t agree more. I’ve read work by writers who write for the wrong reasons: fame, money, ego, and so on, and the result is, more often than not, unreadable material. Of course most writers have enormous egos, including myself. but I try to take pride in my work and offer the reader something they will take pleasure in.


  3. Yes, but it’s finding the time that’s the tricky thing and I can’t read anything while I’m actively writing or it will seep in. I do miss how much I used to read though, before I got ill I could race through several books in a week, now it takes me months to finish one. 😦

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