Does being a writer sometimes feel like a….



…burden, one you can’t put down?

Sometimes plotting out a novel feels like climbing a steep hill. Even if you know what you want the basic story to be, filling in the details can be like pushing a boulder up the that same hill.  Why is it that the prospect of writing sometimes feels so onerous?

Sisyphean toil (3d isolated characters on white background series)

If you don’t write, you feel guilty and can’t stop thinking abut it. If you do write, you can’t wait to stop; what the hell is going on?


Authors, no matter what the genre, are a peculiar bunch. We live to write, yet loathe it almost as much as we love it. Weeks, months, even years, can go by before we put pen to paper,  or go anywhere near a keyboard. Half finished works haunts us with their accusatory pleas to be finished. Ideas ferment in our brains,  pestering to be brought to life…

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2 Responses to “Does being a writer sometimes feel like a….”

  1. It feels like a burden when I can’t get down onto paper/screen, what I have in my head, when it doesn’t come out right, or doesn’t ‘click’, then it feels like swimming with weights around your ankles. 😦

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