Do you love your job?



I do! 😀 No, I don’t mean the job I do for a living, I mean writing. And it is a job, a highly pleasurable job. I consider it to be my real career, one in which I take genuine pride. Yes, some of my earlier works could stand a little improvement, but this just goads me on to get better, to craft and create and to obtain as near perfection as I can.


Writing is one of the few things I treasure in my life, apart from friends and family, of course. I’ve never had a “day” job that I’ve enjoyed, most people don’t, unfortunately. But from the moment I wake up, and throughout the working day, writing is mostly what I think about; anything else is just a distraction. Obsessed? Probably, But I wouldn’t have it any other way 😀


The Silver Flute Trilogy

silver flute trilogy


2 Responses to “Do you love your job?”

  1. I agree, Kate. I love writing. It might not be the job that pays my bills, but it’s the job I love.

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