Sometimes it’s a grind…

tired eyes

… to get out of bed in the morning, let alone kick my brain into gear and start writing. Sheer weariness and lack of energy, along with ongoing health issues, have really worn me down lately. And yet, when I do force myself back to the keyboard, I feel great! 


Unfortunately it doesn’t last for long and I end up in crumpled heap on the bed, snoring my brains out. When I do finally surface, my mood is not improved. I’m like a bear with a sore a*se! Why? Because I’m not writing 😀


As I’ve said before, writing is my raison detre, my reason for being. I can honestly say there isn’t a day goes by without me thinking of writing. If I produced as many words, as I spend thinking about them, I’d be a champion of the written word 🙂


Well, as I’ve also said before, it’s onward and upwards, even if I have to chain myself to the damn computer. Now where’s my Red Bull?red-bull-can-wallpaper-3



2 Responses to “Sometimes it’s a grind…”

  1. Oh, yes. I can definitely relate to this. The day job, kids, and chronic pain wear me out. All I want to do when I get home from work is go to sleep. I hadn’t worked on my WIP in months, but when I finally started writing again yesterday, it felt amazing. So why is it so hard to get started?

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