What’s the alternative to magic rings & swords?


Fiction writers know that their antagonists/protagonists must have an objective or goal to achieve. What should that be? Well in Lord of the rings, by J R R Tolkein, it’s the ring and some of the characters have special swords, such as  Frodo’s weapon, called Sting.


In my YA urban fantasy trilogy, The Silver Flute Trilogy, the clue’s in the name. Now you might say I was influenced by the poem The Pied Piper, which is true to a certain extent.


My main protagonist, Jeremiah Tully  does lead a host, by playing a certain melody, into another world. The difference is that it’s not children who follow him, but demons, or Gangers, not into a magical fairyland, but their own hellish world called  the Midnight Land.

midnight 2

Of course, I’m not the first writer to use music as a central theme and I certainly won’t be the last. In my next set of books, “The Songstress Trilogy,” I carry on the theme and although I’m no song writer (or indeed a musician), I’m thinking of including lyrics this time round. Whether I’m successful or not remains to be seen 🙂flute 1

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