The joy of words


One of the benefits of being a writer, is the joy it can bring. What could be more pleasing than creating a world, along with characters to populate it with?

world building

Constructing sentences, rearranging them to better convey your meaning, is so satisfying. Facing up to the challenges posed by adverbs, adjectives and alliteration, sharpens a writer’s skills. Like scaling a mountain, the author traverses the slippery slopes of prose, narrative and dialogue, to reach the heady pinnacles of completing a story or article well told. 


The joy of words is unlike any other, when it’s well done. A great book or story may well outlast its creator, keeping their name alive for generations to come. What better memorial to leave behind?


I remember when I finally found my niche in the writing world, YA urban fantasy, the heady feeling I experienced was beyond compare. To have a writing goal, after years in the wilderness, was pure bliss. So my message to any fledgling writers out there, I say go to it and place your feet firmly on the path to creation.

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silver flute trilogy


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