When inspiration strikes.


It’s a wonderful feeling, isn’t it? For me, inspirations can arrive in a flash, even when I’m not particularly thinking about writing. For instance, the other day I was watching a programme called “Tiny Houses.” It focuses on people who either can’t afford a large  mortgage, or who move around a lot and want their own homes. How did this help me? In the first book of  my new YA urban fantasy WIP, The Songstress Trilogy,  the characters embark on a long journey. I’d struggled to decide what mode of transport they’d use: caravan, car, horse, etc, but none of those choices seemed to fit the bill.  Then I saw the aforementioned programme and I had my answer.

tiny houses

Coming up with plot solutions can be difficult, depending on what the story is about. My chosen genre is YA urban fantasy and contrary to some non fantasy readers opinions, it isn’t always easy to write speculative fiction. It’s not always the case that in fantasy fiction anything goes, or that any problems can be solved by a quick flash of magic. Practical, not to mention feasible solutions have to be found for when more mundane situations occur; in other words, you have to make it easy for the reader to suspend their disbelief.


Inspirations, by  their very nature, are fast and fleeting, so it’s wise to always have a notebook handy, so they can be jotted down. Ideas are the most valuable tools of writing and should be seized hold of the minute they appear.


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silver flute trilogy


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