Typos and misused words – they drive me crazy!


No matter how hard you try to spot typos and spelling mistakes, there’s always one or two that slip through the net and escape the editing process. I work very hard on my books and try to make them as error free as possible, but I don’t think there’s a book been written that doesn’t have the odd mistake. For instance, in the third book of The Silver Flute Trilogy, Dawn Horizon, I’ve used the word “loathe”, meaning to hate or find disgusting, instead of “loath,” which means reluctant. Whether my finger slipped, or I just wasn’t concentrating, I can’t remember. All I do know is that every time I see it, it drives me crazy!



Now I’m always banging on about the need to give the reader the best reading experience a writer possibly can, which also involves great presentation – yeah, I know, rich coming from me when I’ve just admitted to being less than perfect. However, even some established top authors have the odd glitch in their books, so no sense in beating yourself up, just try harder next time. But the one thing I can’t excuse is the misuse of the words: you’re and your. The first is the abbreviation of two words: you are and the second is a possessive pronoun to indicate ownership, as in: your shoes are over there.


Another bug bear of mine is using a small “i”, instead of a capital I, when indicating either first person narrative, or in a sentence such as: “i’m just popping down to the shops,” when it should be: “I’m just popping down to the shops.” It makes me grind my teeth!


So, all in all, if you want to make your work appear polished and professional, edit, edit and edit again; it’s worth it. 😀

silver flute trilogy



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