Feedback, water off a duck’s back, or not?


When I first harboured ambitions to become a writer, I joined a writing group, where work was read aloud and then feedback given. Naturally, being young and stupid, I thought my work was flawless and was less than gracious when, what I saw as, negative comments were given. Of course they were no such thing, but a genuine desire on the part of the commentators to offer advice and help. However, the fact that I knew nothing about syntax, overuse of adverbs and adjectives, made no neverminds; I pompously assumed that the “old fogeys” were too over the hill to appreciate my “golden” prose 😀 I far as I was concerned, I was a writing genius!


I blush when I think of my attitude, not to mention the state of my early work. Talk about over description, grammar and spelling mistakes  – the list of my shortcoming was endless.


The only rather feeble excuses I can give, is inexperience and an unwillingness to listen 😦

It can be galling to receive less than shining reviews of your work, but it’s also essential in order for a writer to grow and evolve. Bearing that in mind, it’s also relatively easy to sieve out the nitpickers and trolls from those who genuinely wish to help. In the end, feedback is other people’s opinions of your work, which can be taken on board or disregarded; it’s ultimately up to you. Then again, it’s best to thoroughly examine your motives in disregarding feedback: is it because it’s malicious, or is it a case of the truth hurts?

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4 Responses to “Feedback, water off a duck’s back, or not?”

  1. I agree completely. Reviews, or any other sort of feedback, are invaluable provided they, as you have said, are not malicious. If any of us think we are beyond learning then we are in trouble not to say arrogant, a trait I detest.

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  2. It’s never easy to receive criticism. As a writer, you have to learn to accept negative feedback or you’ll never evolve as a writer.

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