Are paperback and hardback books as dead as the Dodo?


Are the days of the printed book on the wane? Are hardbacks and paperbacks a thing of the past? I hope not.


I remember reading an article about this subject many years ago and feeling quite dismayed at the prospect. Now the day of the Kindle and other reading devices has arrived., but printed books are still around, albeit not quite as popular as they once were. 


I can sort of understand, having reluctantly cast aside my initial antipathy towards such aids to reading. I purchased a Kindle some time ago and now wouldn’t be without it; it’s like carrying a whole library around in your pocket 🙂


That said, almost every time I purchase an e-book, I also buy the printed version as well. At this rate I’ll soon be bankrupt!

md kindle book

So in answer to my own question, I don’t think the printed book has had its day yet.

kj 2 Amzn UK Amzn US


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