When do you write?

Early morning…


…or late at night?

liverpool at night


Personally I find my thoughts are clearer early in the morning. During the day, when I’m at work, I find my brain tends to slowly turn to cotton wool; by evening, all I want to do is vegetate. 


Weirdly, though, it’s when I’m asleep that I get my best ideas. When this happens, I have to force myself awake and make a note of whatever images passed fleetingly through my unconscious self, otherwise, by morning, they’re gone. This leaves me with an annoying sense of loss. I know I had a great idea for a story, but I can’t remember what it was.


At the same time, some of the ideas that seem great when I’m only half awake, seem like the ravings of a lunatic in the cold light of day. A writer’s mind is a complex, and somewhat messy place, filled with half formed stories, articles and other detritus. Having said that, sometimes a jewel emerges from the chaos and becomes a wonderful word picture to share with others. All the turmoil and disorganisation is worth it – right?




2 Responses to “When do you write?”

  1. I can relate to feeling like a couch potato in the evenings. By the time I get off work, pick up kids, run errands, and do household chores, I’m exhausted.

    I can also relate to having dreams that seem like the ideal novel, only to review my idea when I’m fully awake and wonder, “What was I thinking?”

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