Are you easily distracted?

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It’s often been said that writers will do almost anything other than sit down and write; and it’s true. We will actively seek out things to do, such as ironing, vacumning the carpet – anything rather than pummelling our brains into gear and getting on with our latest WIP.


However, not all distractions are deliberately sought out. On the rare occasions when the words and plot are flowing my cat, Meg, with flawless timing, on her part anyway, will get very vocal on the subject of food. This despite the fact she’s only just eaten half an hour previously.



Despite my determination to ignore her, and with a persistence guaranteed to drive me insane, she will sit and stare at me. Accompanying this psychological warfare, she’ll constantly meow in a certain way that sounds like a dentist’s drill. I can swear and curse all I like and still this feline fiend will continue her onslaught. Thrown shoes, pens and slippers are easily evaded, until at last I give in.


And the result? Every single idea has fled and I’m left staring at my computer screen, mind totally blank, whilst on the other side of the room Meg’s stuffing her face as though she’s been starved for at least a fortnight. 

Cats – why do we keep ’em? 

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4 Responses to “Are you easily distracted?”

  1. I get distracted easily, especially by my pets. But my cat used to sit by my side as I wrote and watch me. He was writing buddy. 🙂 It’s my dog who tries to distract me, lol.

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  2. I actively seek out distractions. Sometimes distractions (the dog) seeks me out. Regardless, I seem to get everything done except writing.

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