YouTube book trailers – narrative and music?


I think not. In my opinion it should be one or the other. The reason I say this, is that every book trailer I’ve seen that has  someone talking, with music in the background, I’ve found virtually unwatchable. Why? Because the sound levels are very rarely spot on, unless done by a professional. The result is usually the music is too loud, distracting the watcher from what’s being said.

background 3

I remember watching a video on YouTube that was extolling poetry that may, or may not have been exquisite; I never found out, as I ceased to watch after about 5 seconds. The author had decided to read their poetry over a background of over loud, and rather sickly sweet music, thus making it difficult to hear what was being said. Added to which, the voice itself was rather harsh.



Some people tend to get carried away, when making book trailers, forgetting that the objective is to engage, to attract watchers to your work, not bombard them with over-elaborate images, music and voice overs; I know I certainly did when I first started. But I soon learned to try and hone my videos and maintain the central message. In my video, “About me”, I’ve attempted to sound as clear and professional as I can, which meant rehearsing my spiel over and over, until I could get my message over with the minimum of stumbles, repetitions and mispronunciations.

In my book trailers, I’ve used images, accompanied by what I think, is appropriate music and text that briefly explains the story of each book

So as far as book trailers go, keep it simple, don’t strive to be over ambitious, and above all, enjoy making them 🙂




2 Responses to “YouTube book trailers – narrative and music?”

  1. I agree with you, Kate. It should be one or the other. Too much distraction detracts from your book.

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