There’re so many crooks out there.


As some of you may be aware, I managed to bugger up the hard drive on my laptop, rendering it useless. I rang Microsoft for assistance, but quite frankly the young woman I spoke to just wasn’t interested, so I was left virtually devoid of a computer for a week. Yes, there was the old PC in the spare bedroom, but I can walk round the block quicker than that ancient artefact can boot up.


In desperation, I sought professional advice elsewhere. So my brother very kindly took my laptop to a reliable repair shop. The worthy gent who runs the place, set about installing a new hard drive. along with Windows 10, for a very reasonable price. And guess what? The start menu actually works 😀


All well and good, you might think, but read 0n. Coincidentally, I received a call today from a man who said he was from “Windows”, not Microsoft, who stated that my laptop was “generating” errors, which were effecting the network in my area, and interfering with other users computers, and he needed to access my computer remotely in order to resolve the problem! Well I have never, in all my born days, heard such an inept attempt at scamming and I told him so in no uncertain terms!HLG_Curse_Relief

I rounded this off by informing him that not only was he talking a load of horse manure, but that my laptop had crashed, so how had it managed to generate “errors” that interfered with the network. I finished off by..

I refer you to the to image below.


However, scammers always sow that little seed of doubt, don’t they? So I checked with my service provider for any broadband problems – and guess what? There weren’t any.I also consulted Microsoft’s forum and found I wasn’t the only person to be subjected to this particularly nasty scam.

Damn crooks! Get a proper job, why don’t you. 😦



4 Responses to “There’re so many crooks out there.”

  1. Oh Wow Kate! I never think so quick on my feet…but I know a scam when I hear it! Good for you… ~Elle

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  2. Scammers are everywhere! Good thing you’re vigilant and wise.

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