I’m getting too old…


… for all this technology.

As some of you may recall, over the years, I’ve had various computer dramas, worthy of their own TV series. I’ve managed, after hours of blood, sweat, tears – and an awful lot of swearing – to overcome them.



Last year it involved Windows 8, which vanished, due to a mysterious “glitch” and it took me hours to get it back. Then along came Windows 10… specifically the start menu – or lack thereof.

start button

I thought it a bit odd that I had to right click on the windows logo in order to access the control panel, switch the computer off, etc, but as it failed to respond in the normal manner, I just shrugged it off as poor design. Also the notifications icon refused to do anything at all.

Then, out of the blue, after having had Windows 10 for about 4 months, the start menu started to work and so did the notifications. Pleased, but baffled as to why it had taken so long, I enjoyed full access to the programme’s facilities, until, as I was shutting the computer down, an ominous message appeared on the screen:

Your start button is not working, we will try to fix it the next time you log on. 

Did they? Did they heck as like! The fault stayed put and in desperation, I went to the Microsoft forum and posted a question as to when this problem would be ironed out. A nice Microsoft gentlemen then took me on an epic journey through several suggestions as to how to overcome the beast that is Windows 10. Over mountains I climbed, fought my way through jungles. Decades passed, the world ended. The universe was reborn and so was I, before I finally, with help from the nice gent from Microsoft, overcame the problem. I’m exaggerating of course, it just seemed that way.


So here I am, back at the keyboard, start menu and notifications intact… until the next time.









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