The importance of being generous



Regular visitors to this blog will recall me bewailing the selfishness of some posters on Twitter. Examples are messages asking for likes for their Facebook pages, with no intention of reciprocation, and asking for reviews of their books, again with no intention of returning the favour.




However, this time I’m here to laud the more than generous people who have retweeted and liked my tweets. It was only natural for me to return their generosity by doing the same and I have, therefore, gained a reputation for sharing other people’s tweets about their books, their travels, and all manner of entertaining and informative posts. Subsequently I have reaped the reward of such a policy .


So the message to all the spammers, sellers of twitter followers, and frankly self absorbed people out there, learn to be generous, earn your money in a way that doesn’t alienate people, and above all learn to share.




6 Responses to “The importance of being generous”

  1. Very well said. I’m royally fed up of people I don’t know suddenly sending me messages and spam about their books and clogging up my LinkedIn message board, email inbox etc. It’s just the wrong way to do it and guarantees that I will not only delete said spam but probably quickly defriend or delete them! I honestly can’t believe that they get any sales from this pushy technique. Dear dear… 😦

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  2. You’ve been extremely generous with your time, Kate, and I appreciate it. It’s a shame that others think they can get ahead by being selfish and rude.

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