Planting the seeds of inspiration


grow your mind

Inspiration comes from all around us, be it other people, news articles, or even a simple item like a tree or a flower. Inspiration, of course, applies to many spheres of life, such as art, music, work, but most of all, for me, writing. 


I find myself constantly, if not always consciously, seeking out new places to use in my novels, or faces to attach to my characters, and even seeking new words to use as descriptions in my work. My mind is like a clicking, whirring machine, continuously sorting and sifting through information, retaining this and that, or discarding stuff I don’t like, all in the name of my craft.

head 2

And isn’t that how it should be? As writers we should seek out every opportunity to form new stories, articles and books. 

books 2

Having said that, we also need to be able to discern what will or won’t make a readable piece of work. It’s true that an author should write what they would like to read, but one also needs to make sure other people will like it too; unless you’re writing purely for your own pleasure. 


So always seek out inspiration and when you find it, share it. 🙂



2 Responses to “Planting the seeds of inspiration”

  1. I get inspiration from the weirdest places and situations. All is filed away for a future date and use. That face, that weird way of speaking, the funny thing that happened on the way to….it is all fab ammunition for alter. 🙂

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