Time to move on?


When is it time to stop marketing your existing work and get on with something new? The answer seems obvious, doesn’t it? A writer writes and that’s what we should all be doing, but there’s the constant worry that if we stop promoting our work, even for a short time, we’ll be forgotten.


Then again, once we start marketing, it becomes difficult to stop; it becomes an obsession, at least for some of us. It becomes easier and easier to put any new writing projects on hold and concentrate instead on thinking up new posts for Facebook and new tweets for Twitter. We tell ourselves we’ll get on with writing after just one more post or tweet – hah! Yeah, right.


And yet it’s odd. For me, the time spent on marketing engenders a sense of guilt, but if I actually write something I feel great. So why is it I default to Facebook and Twitter? Answers on a postcard, please.


http://goo.gl/dasz9y Amzn UK 

http://goo.gl/E8uZnR Amzn US


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