The turning of the seasons.


I’m sitting up in bed, watching the sun rise over the trees in the park, and reflecting on how quickly the season has changed. Summer is gone, autumn is here, and very soon the year will be over and a new writing journey will begin.


The past few months has been something of a hiatus for me, concerning my writing; I’ve sat back and taken stock on where my journey is taking me. Do I continue to write, or leave it all behind? But what does that mean? The somewhat bleak answer I gave myself was: plain existence, with no milestones to achieve and a life devoid of colour and vibrancy. Is that acceptable? Of course not. 


To create, via the conduits of my imagination, brings a sense of peace and harmony I could not otherwise achieve. Of course self doubt rears its ugly head from time to time, but like St George and the dragon I battle the scaly monster and drive it away. 

st george

So to any of you thinking of giving up on your dreams, whatever they may be, I say pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and forge ahead. And most importantly, keep your eye on the sunrise in all its golden glory 🙂


sunrise Amzn UK Amzn US


2 Responses to “The turning of the seasons.”

  1. I can relate to this. Even though my writing journey has often been difficult, I can’t imagine a life without out.

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