A tale of woe & misfortune


Woe is me. I not only have a rotten cold, and a cough, my car’s off the road… again.



This means I’m forced to use public transport – oh the horror of it! It all started last Monday, when I went to the local Asda supermarket for some shopping. When I got back to my car, it just whined a little, then died; flat battery.


I duly called out the breakdown service, who arrived in a surprisingly short time. He not only jump started the car, but also diagnosed the cause of the flat battery. It turns out the alternator, which charges said battery, was faulty, and yes, it’s going to be expensive to repair. Pay day is 2 weeks away, so I’m “slumming” it on buses and trains until then. In the meantime, thanks to the season, everyone in work is coughing and sneezing, and one of these little darlings has passed their germs on to me; I’m so grateful (not) to be part of the snot and sneeze brigade.


I’ve spent the whole of the weekend in bed, from which pit I’ll not be moving until Monday morning, when I return to the plague pit known as work.

Stay warm and take my advice, avoid all bearers of colds; in fact insist they wear a bell around their necks as a warning.


5 Responses to “A tale of woe & misfortune”

  1. Hope you feel better, Kate!

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  2. It’s kind of scary how vital cars have become to our daily functioning. One can only be grateful when a breakdown happens in a safe place. I hope you catch up soon.


  3. Hope you feel better chuck and the damnable car is back to working order. xxx

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