Tweeting Twitter Twits!


Although I’ve been a member of Twitter since October 2010, I’ve only really learnt how to use it properly over the last few months. So how’s my tweeting experience been? On the whole it’s been great. Made contact with some wonderful people. Tweeted and been retweeted in turn, and altogether had a great time. However…



…there ‘s been a few thunder storms along the way. Despite stating the following on my profile: 

I love all my current fellow tweeters, but anyone selling twitter followers need not apply.

Despite this, I still get inundated with offers to buy “permanent” twitter followers. It’s obvious these cretins don’t read people’s profiles, and of course I’m not the only one who receives such unwelcome spam from opportunistic coyotes. That said they’re easily reported and/or blocked, so it doesn’t trouble me too much; they’re just a minor irritation and easily forgotten. 

No,  sellers of twitter followers don’t really enter my awareness. What does infuriate me though, is the purveyors of sex, or in other words, porn merchants, who try to foist their smutty (I really wanted to use a stronger term, but being a lady…) crap on others. What on earth makes them think I’m into that kind of shi.. I mean rubbish? Obviously the answer is they, like the aforementioned purveyors of twitter followers, don’t read people’s profiles. No, they probably just follow indiscriminately in the hopes of finding fellow crap artists. What’s so worrying about this is that impressionable young people use Twitter too. Should they be subject to this kind of disgusting material? I think not.

Personally I should be used to this kind of muck peddling by now and I know I shouldn’t get annoyed. I know I should just ignore them. What people do in private is their business, I just wish they wouldn’t try to share their “hobbies” on a public forum.

So for all you pathetic purveyors of perverted pastimes, I’ve only one thing to say to you:



5 Responses to “Tweeting Twitter Twits!”

  1. What gets up my nose most of all are the authors who follow me, I follow back (being a polite sort of person) then I get a DM from them asking me to go buy their book IF FANTASY IS MY KIND OF READ.
    I used to send a DM back asking them to read my profile and go buy my fecking books first. Now I can’t be sodded. I just unfollow.

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    • I know exactly what you mean, Jane. I hate people who ask you to do this and that, but have no intention of doing anything for you. One writer I followed, asked me to review her book. I suggested a read swap and she said she didn’t have time. Bloody cheek. It implied I had nothing better to do, so I unfollowed her.


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