All’s well that ends well.


Not only did I feel like a bear with a sore bum, this morning, I also felt fed up and tired. I got out of bed and performed the same old hum drum routine: get washed, get dressed, shove food into mouth, and then off to work. DULL! DULL! DULL! 

The working day finally ground to its wearisome end and I arrived home and booted up the old laptop, expecting nothing more than the same old routine of scrolling through Facebook and Twitter, and sorting the spam from my emails. However, there was a nugget of gold amongst the dross that really made my day. Land of Midnight Days, book 1 of The Silver Flute Trilogy, had received a new review – and boy – what a review! Four stars that both praises and offers positive feedback. 

So as you can imagine folks, I’m reet chuffed, as we say up north here in the UK 😀

midnight 2


2 Responses to “All’s well that ends well.”

  1. Good for you Kate. Feels great doesn’t it? 🙂

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