Stressed? Not much.


I had to change my browser lately, as the one I was using kept running a script, which try as I might, I couldn’t get rid of. Fortunately everything’s hunky dory now, but not before catastrophe struck. 


I decided to try to create a system restore point, in an effort to get rid of the troublesome script. The computer obligingly took over an hour to do this, then ended up informing me it couldn’t. Hurrah for Windows 8.1. Anyhoo, it advised me to refresh my computer, which like the fool I am I did. Guess what? It wiped 8.1, along with my bookmarks, etc, off my hard drive and I was stuck with – dah, dah, dah – oh horror of horrors – windows 8!!!


So off I trots to the Windows Store to download windows 8.1 again, but the little… tinker informed me that updates were needed, before it could be installed. Beyond exasperation now, I clicked on update and yet another hour later, it finished downloading 154 new updates. I return to Windows Store, only to be given the same message (sob). In desperation, I turned to my brother, who’s a bit more computer savvy than me. He informed me that the system doesn’t necessarily download all the updates in one go, and in any case I’d only downloaded them, not installed them. 



With steam coming out of my ears, I kept downloading updates, a process which took another three-quarters of an hour, then I clicked on “install” and went to bed – it was past midnight by this time.


The next morning, bleary eyed and grumpy, I checked the computer and discovered the updates were complete. Almost on tip-toe, as it were, I approached Windows Store again and clicked on the download for Windows 8.1. To my utter astonishment it began to download! I left it to it, assuming it would take some time, and went to get ready for work. When I returned, the download had stopped and the message, “Windows 8.1 could not download, something has happened.” SOMETHING HAS HAPPENED! What the hell was that supposed to mean?

I consulted the article my brother had found about downloading 8.1, and whose instructions I thought I’d followed meticulously – wrong. I’d missed the sentence, “after installing updates, restart computer before downloading 8.1.”  Teeth gritted, I restarted the damn machine, returned, yet again to Windows Store, and clicked on download. I then fled the house, shouting at my brother to keep checking on the bloody computer, and headed for work and temporary sanity.


So what was the outcome? Well, it took from 7am to 3pm to download, but I finally have 8.1 again – phew!And the moral of this tale? Take some Valium before attempting the above 😀 Kate Jack amazon page






11 Responses to “Stressed? Not much.”

  1. Forgive me for laughing my head off at your misery, but I can so relate! That’s exactly what happens to me every time I attempt to do anything with technology. It’s maddening. The images are great.

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  2. Glad it finally worked!

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  3. Kate, you’ve given me a whole list of reasons why I love my iMac computer, especially regards to downloading and installing new and/or updated programs. Apple does all this without my having to manually install or download update, a new program, new operating system or anything else. What a relief from having had to do all that myself, plus pay for a new operating system (Windows something-or-other). I really do relate to everything you’ve said here Kate, as I went through much of the same headache before my old Windows machine sighed and quickly turned its insides into electronic dust.

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  4. Oh dear Kate, like losing a chunk of one’s memory. Glad you got things up again. And thanks, your sharing reminded me to have a check up of my external Hard Disk Drive.

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  5. Oh honey, I am SO pleased you finally got all this sorted. Wow, technology is great when it works, and is sodding awful and debilitating when it doesn’t! Ugh. Well done you, I think I would have given up! 😀 x

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