Good days, bad days.


It’s great being a writer, except when it comes to the actual writing. Authors must be amongst the worse procrastinators ever, circling their computers like a shark and churning out excuses not to sit down and get on with it.


Having said that when the muse strikes, it’s fantastic. The adrenalin rush, not to mention the sense of achievement, is fabulous!

ecanus 2Ecanus Angel, muse of writers.

And that’s what I’ve been feeling just lately. I’ve faffed around for the past few months, approaching my current wip Elawyn’s Song, taking two steps forward and half a dozen back. Then one day I gave myself a good talking to, fired up the computer, grabbed my plot notes, and got on with it. The result? Apart from the above mentioned high, I proved to myself that I could get some work done and actually enjoy doing it. Am I feeling smug? You bet šŸ˜€

smug 2 UK US

midnight days


4 Responses to “Good days, bad days.”

  1. Good for you, Kate! I think I need to follow your example and get to work.

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  2. Congrats Kate, you’re doing brilliantly, so happy for you! šŸ˜€

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