How to Write a Book You’ll Hate

Tricia Drammeh

Most authors worry about how their book will be received by others. What if people hate it? What if they leave a scathing review? Well, writing a book everyone will like is easy! Anyone can do it, right? Wrong!

If you want to write a book everyone will hate (including you), here’s how to do it:

  1. Don’t settle for one genre. Add a mixture of all of them! Try writing a romantic-mystery-thriller with horror elements and a feel-good ending. Or an erotic-Christian-epic fantasy book that appeals to readers of all ages.
  2. Be original. If you write about magic, people will accuse you of copying Harry Potter. Same with erotica. You don’t want anyone to compare your work to 50 Shades. Write something so unique, readers won’t have any idea what it is.
  3. Follow the latest trends. It’s silly and self-indulgent to write what you like. Your book is for the readers…

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One Response to “How to Write a Book You’ll Hate”

  1. Very funny this and VERY true! 😀 To thine own self be true!

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