Bugger it!


I’m currently working on my latest wip, Elawyn’s Song. Now I’m not one of those authors who can write by the seat of my pants, as I end up having to virtually rewrite the whole thing due to plot holes and inconsistencies. This being the case, I therefore plot everything out and make notes, so I don’t do the above. Fine, great. Except I got carried away and guess what? I didn’t consult my notes and the result is the first few chapters are full of – you guessed it – plot holes and inconsistencies! Dammit! You think I’d know better, wouldn’t you? 😦

So, what do you do? Write freehand or do you plot everything out?




5 Responses to “Bugger it!”

  1. I’m with you, Katrina. Plot, plot, plot. Otherwise, I’m off on tangents, letting my characters gallivant through the storyscape doing whatever they want. That would leave me whining for a year while I chop the thing to pieces and rewrite.

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  2. Bit of both to be honest. When I know there are lots of tricky story strands that I need to bring/weave together, then I have to plot things out to stop myself getting confused. Often I’ll have certain story plots or events I need to reach, but often I have no idea how I’ll get there and that’s when I often write by the seat of my pants! πŸ˜€

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