I love my Kindle, but will always love…

md kindle book

…books more.

My kindle goes nearly everywhere with me. It’s so handy to have a library at my fingertips. That said, I still love my “real” books more. There’s nothing quite like turning a page, using a bookmark to keep your place, and the beauty of a row of colourful bookspines in a bookcase is beyond compare.


Before my first book, Land of Midnight Days, was published, I’d almost given up riding the merry-go-round of approaching agents and publishers, and was about to embark on the self-publishing route.


This meant that my work would be available as an e-book only, since I could not afford the costs involved in producing a printed version. However, I tried one last time and approached Ecanus Publishing, who wonder of wonders, accepted my manuscript. Not only did they produce an e-book version, but a hardback version too!


midnight 2

With the digital age here to stay, I suppose this could herald the death of books in the paper form, but as long as reading continues in one way or another it’s not a total tragedy. Then again, I could just be being pessimistic. Whatever the form, e-book or printed, long live Reading and all who sail in her.




2 Responses to “I love my Kindle, but will always love…”

  1. Totally agree. I love my kindle, though I mostly use it for games not reading as I do LOVE books and just could never foresee them being replaced. One of these days, if you’re ever down south, you & I should spend a day ay Hay just going around the old bookshops…sheer BLISS! 😀

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